Aqua Flower Poems

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My Heart Needs Somewhere To Belong

My heart wanders around
searching for love that is not found
only a true heart will find what it needs
but a life that is wrong cannot receive

Come Home To Me

Come home to me
I will be your sanctuary
wash away the stress of
all that makes you worry

Fire Burning

Behind closed doors
hearts collide
let us love once more
fire rages inside

Waiting With Open Arms

Do not forget me
I am in your veins
and in your blood
your heart beats

Who Will?

Who will give me good night kisses
now that we are through
Who will text me in the night
now that there is no more you

If I Write You A Poem

If I write you a poem, will your heart melt?
To tell you all the feelings that I felt
while lying in your arms under the covers
no one will ever know that you are my magnificent lover

Blazing Fires

As we kissed under the cool sheets
our bodies warmed the bed
both hungry for love
we knew soon we would be fed

Where Are The Love Songs?

where are the love songs
I use to know
I'd wake up with loving thoughts
and out of my pen they would flow

Behind Her Eyes

Behind her eyes
does she cry
is her heart now made of stone
feeling abandoned and alone

The Light In My Dream That Died

Let me grieve
this loss
this light of my dream
how can something so beautiful

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