Like A Wave Of The Sea Poem by Bernard F. Asuncion

Like A Wave Of The Sea

Rating: 4.4

Like a wave of the sea
Is a man without faith;
He doubts the might of God,
He doesn't firmly wait.

A wave of the ocean
Is pushed by wind and tossed;
A double minded man
Makes all his goals get lost.

Climb up the highest hill,
And cross the deepest sea,
Yes, brave the strongest storm,
Hope for the great glory.

Ask the Lord faithfully,
Neither wane nor waver;
Pray to God with full trust
For fine and warm weather.

Believe in the promise
Of one God Almighty;
For the one who frets is
Like a wave of the sea.

Like A Wave Of The Sea
Selected as POEM OF THE DAY (February 23,2020)by POEMHUNTER ❤️❤️❤️
Lamar Cole 14 August 2017

This is a great thought invoking poem.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 14 August 2017

Thanks, Lamar...... True faith can really move mountain.... a big like👍

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Dr Dillip K Swain 23 February 2020

Many congratulations my friend for this excellent work being selected as Poem of the Day!

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Bernard F. Asuncion 23 February 2020

Thanks for the encouraging and inspiring comment. To God be the glory🙏👌😊

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Sandra Feldman 23 February 2020

Belief makes you strong and helps in so many ways. Lucky are those who sail thru life in faith and believe in a better world and happier days. Such a well written and inspiring poem. Perfect form and enlightened thoughts from a very distinguished poet and an excellent man of faith. We are the winners to have it as Poem of the Day. Congratulations, non the less, dear friend and distinguished Poet.!

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Michael Hopkins 30 January 2023

Well penned BFA

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Karen 15 June 2022

Very good poem

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Gerry Legister 09 January 2022

A strong faith can keep us safe in the storm

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Kevin Patrick 12 April 2021

Faith is a healing guide to mans dilemmas it is proof of something more tangable then this reality. An excelllent poem

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Valsa George 10 October 2020

A man without faith in God is always shaken by even the slightest adversities of life as waves of the sea are ever tossed by the wind! If we trust in God's promises, man is able to fill his heart with positive thoughts! Quite an edifying poem.....!

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Bernard F. Asuncion

Bernard F. Asuncion

Subic, Philippines
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