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Of all human manifestations
May I say, you are the greatest
As you give milk, food and protection
What to say of love, peace and rest!


I am a little petal of hue and smell
I am gorgeous you can tell

The war stopped, the great one
About seventy years ago
All said and done
There is now peace – peace aglow

The passage from cradle to grave
A voyage of sheer consciousness
Some make it with laugh and fun
Some make it a total mess

Oh, ho! Oh ho, here you are
My friend, my friend from far
Am I glad to see you here
Oh my friend, oh dear, dear!

Attracted as I am like John Keats
To “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever”
Sometimes I am uncomfortable
To beauties of certain flavour

I remember all about you
When I sing the song you wrote
The eyes get wet as they knew
The lifelong generosity you dote


It burns in the stars
To make the universe possible
It burns in the stars
To have the heavens going

When I gasp for strength
I borrow it from you, oh the strong ones!
You carry the load stupendous
Of the humanity

Walking – have I not been
For thousands of years?
If not with this name and form
But as the species human

Sun rolls down in dusky smoothness
Along the line of day and night
Silhouettes of life begin to caress
the body of darkness in search of light

With beautiful white daisies
There was a flower vase
Just a week ago it was glowing
On the green carpet grass


Holding the seas, boasting the mountains
You invaded the sky with grace and glory
Tolerating the wild, keeping all terrains
Mother earth, what is your story?

Where are you, my son, where are you?
I miss you very much, I miss you.

You said, you were happy with me

Come, caress this cup of hemlock
There is nothing to worry, Simmias, let's talk!
All that you have in mind and body
All that is chattel of gods

“Drip, drip, drip… the rain falls
The river floods the sides
Lord Shiva is getting married
Given the three brides”

I hear, I hear intently
the sound of your footsteps
I rush to the door gently
To greet you with peps


It all begins with yourself
All love and all friendship
The unity beyond duality
And all meaningful relationship

I read Rumi several times
And every time I went through
the same sincere silence
That unites the human with the divine

My Soul, My Life
Empty this vessel of its habits,
Empty this jar of its colours

Bhaswat Chakraborty Biography

Born at Deoghar, India - in the easern province of Jharkhand. Trained in Canada in medical research. Bhaswat Chakraborty finds writing poetry is a way to be in tune with the Self, one's true nature. He writes mostly in Bengali. Bhaswat Chakraborty is deeply moved by the noble and divine aspects of the human beings. He likes to focus on the graceful, innocent and wholesome side that each and everyone of us have been given without asking. What a fun to be aware! ! Aware of existence, beauty and love!)

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Of all human manifestations
May I say, you are the greatest
As you give milk, food and protection
What to say of love, peace and rest!

You are the womb of the universe
The waterbed of beings
You are the lap of heavens
And mother of all earthlings

You were the sweet lullaby
When I needed some sleep
You became the inspiration tall
When I had to dive very deep

From the foes you saved me
Allowed friends to be close
You took the prick of the thorn
And handed me the rose

You burnt your fingers so often
To cook a meal for your child
You took so many insults
So that his life is styled

Tell me Ma, tell me honest
Did you, else, ask for anything?
Even in your loftiest dreams
Other than my sheer wellbeing?

Now that tells me the secret Ma
of the sacred smile you always wore
and how you hummed the blessings
Even as doing the hardest chore

************Dedicated to my mother, dedicated to all mothers***************

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Pitilosi Mdala 18 September 2009

Beauty and Truth nice poem

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Pitilosi Mdala 18 September 2009

I see, I hear, I intend, I extend.that's it

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Willoh Theresa 09 June 2009

A friend from afar, wow. A friend from afar is always the one you love most; as they say 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'. Well done, Willoh.

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