A Note Poem by Brie Carter

A Note

Rating: 5.0

He gave me a note
The day after the call
He says that he likes me
Too much to give up
The age difference doesn't matter.
To him or to me.
He says that he doesn't care
What any of our parents say.
I agree
He likes me
I like him too
He's not sure whether he wants a girlfriend.
He will think about it.
I can wait.
If he likes me enough he will choose.
I don't mind.
I will find out later
This week.
I can't wait to find out.
I like him
More than he can know.

David Smith 13 November 2008

hope it works out but watch yourself with them older guys

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HiM name 19 November 2008

i konw how u feel i have the same perdiciment it hits a cord with me keep writing

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James Foulk 21 November 2008

a fine piece of work, but be careful you never know.

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I like this poem A note nice title for it also.. Age should not matter.. Nice piece

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Iron Panda 23™ 18 March 2010

awwss.....thats soo sweet

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Chloe Jean 27 October 2009

how old is he because im going though a situation like that

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Eyan Desir 30 June 2009

Leslie told me you are the best writer here.......well keep writing

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nothgin as honesty to heighten a piece

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Ershad Mazumder 10 March 2009

Sweet teen's love.Very good

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