Callie Carroll Poems

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</></>Photo 1
Baby sits
with diapered bottom
against gritty linoleum

Like A Bird

I move through my day
dully from point to point,
Straight and efficient
Up the stairs and down, but

Invisible Woman

At our first meeting, you had physical substance,
solid and weighty.
I made note of your presence, -
hooked nose, widow's hump, and your kind, but discerning eye.

Spider Woman

I spin a new web every night-
repair and replace the damaged parts.
My eyes (too many of them)
watch from different angles.

A Fine Musician (You Played Me) Anti- Love Poem

What a maestro!
(What a dimwit!)

What didn't I get about my depreciation?

A Fair Trade?

bland white bread
for the round tang of basil

At A Prodigal's Banquet

Forgive me if I stare
at the fatted calf, the ring, the shoes,
the robe, ...... the empty chair.
You're not there, you're never there.

Gone Rampant In Your Absence

You returned from the North with good news-
Little Thomas, little John, found-
in the sheltering arms of Protestant parents,
orphans of the Boyne.

A Walk

The stark white of a sycamore
glints in the dappled forest.
A towhee rings clearly in the distance.
A trio of deer stare across the glen.

Meant For Flight

In my mind again-
a tanned Tarzan
inching his way to the top
Rope in hand, taut hum of sinew,

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