Meant For Flight Poem by Callie Carroll

Meant For Flight

Rating: 5.0

In my mind again-
a tanned Tarzan
inching his way to the top
Rope in hand, taut hum of sinew,
Your Essential Self- meant for flight.

Meant for flight, you tried to take us with you
Earthbound, we bound you flightless.

I await the dawn
and bear witness to your first
and final flight.
At the top of the tower-
a gleeful king of thrilling heights
hurtling with wild abandon.

On earth-
the Truth is what I require:
Did you cry in anguish when the harness broke?
Or spread your wings
to taste the Joy of Flying
for the very first time?

Monday, June 2, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: suicide
O Anna Niemus 11 June 2008

Callie, I added this to my favorite poem list you capsulize so much in so few words and remind me of the great Johnny Weissmuller, the first movie Tarzan, who broke 6 world swimming records as a vegetarian cheers

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Scarlett Treat 22 November 2008

How astute, to write about tying those we love, refusing flight, until they finally become free...and how painful!

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Chitra - 16 August 2008

I enjoyed the poem, well executed

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Richard Blanch 20 July 2008

Once again the image echoes: and the change of tone with 'The truth is what I require' is very telling.

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Bill Thomas 10 July 2008

In that overlap between beautiful and sad, & reaching deep down as well as high up. Thank you, Callie.

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Kyle Shield Laster 27 June 2008

very sad... hope this wasn't a personal experience. really meaningful.

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