Spider Woman Poem by Callie Carroll

Spider Woman

Rating: 4.9

I spin a new web every night-
repair and replace the damaged parts.
My eyes (too many of them)
watch from different angles.
I have no bones; tough skin protects me.
People are repulsed by me, yet fascinated too.

I lurk in the periphery,
jump forty times my body's length,
accept a fly before I mate-
Do I repulse and fascinate?

For my babes a silken sac,
A foundation line,
a bridge, a hub,
I crisscross threads -a labyrinthe.
I am Myself. Can you relate?

To the top of the lamppost I climb
spinnerets in the wind-
It's sublime!
My blood, when I bleed,
is slightly blue.
Do I repulse or fascinate you?

Thursday, April 24, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: women
Emancipation Planz 01 May 2008

There is nothing to feel neophytic about here... you are having me on aren't you? ? ? The natural instinct of a spider is to spin... and you have a web that might net a fisher-a-men or 2 for a bite.... Ivan I see is on to it! ! ! ! 10tacles from me!

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Philip Housiaux 01 May 2008

The poet demonstrates her flexibility here - a comic piece contrasting strongly with the earlier human crisis works. The piece uses rhtym while still maintaining a flowing fun style, with rhyme just for the nice little punch line. Spinnarets for cob-webs - now thats a word to treasure. It was good fun to be put in the situation of imagining one-self a repulsive yet fascinating insect.Very strong work.

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James B. Earley 02 May 2008

Repulsive, no.........fascinating, yes! A great write!

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Brian Bird 16 June 2008

This really pullled me in... Yes.. fascinating!

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Brian Jani 14 July 2014

the spider is an amazing little creature which is patient.nice work on this poem here

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You utterly fascinate me Callista. Did you ever read the poem 'Will You Walk Into My Parlor said the Spider to the Fly? Not only have you used brilliant imagery, but you have given me information about spiders. Well done! 10 Karin Anderson

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Lee Crowell 28 September 2008

I gave this one a ten, and I rarely vote.

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Sadiqullah Khan 16 September 2008

dreams are like web, , every night, , and the blue blood with many eyes, , , you communicated what you feel, , , that is what poetry is here..10

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Frank Cannon 02 August 2008

I'm tempted to offer the fly but will I end up being decapitated or fascinated. Top marks again.

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