4 Photos In A Drawer (Not Forgotten) Poem by Callie Carroll

4 Photos In A Drawer (Not Forgotten)

Rating: 5.0

</></>Photo 1
Baby sits
with diapered bottom
against gritty linoleum
Beauty (above baby)
framed in gilded sunlight
Glossy hair caresses Beauty's face
Baby basks in mamma's halcyon glow
She doesn't know
the beginning of her sorrow.

Photo 2
Siblings sit
on an ugly, velvet couch-
Almond eyes and forehead frizz
evidence of a kinship
they will not know
Their eyes dart in different directions
The crack down the middle
separates them permanently.

Photo 3
Beauty perched
on a rock
Framed by a loveliness
that does not surpass her own
Her smile beckons and bewitches
Beauty doesn't see their sorrow
She's happily alone.

Photo 4
An early morning photo
Mangled limbs on
a tangled bed
Alone, alone, and, oh so cold
No beauty here-
Just a splash of amber liquid
and a careless spill of pills
It's not the end of their sorrow.

All of these photos exist except one. They haunt me.
Saint Cynosure 12 September 2008

This is really good, if and when I vote 10s are rarely given but this is deserving of a 10...

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Sadiqullah Khan 16 September 2008

great insight into the photos, , , , , , , , but they are so much the reality, , it reminds me some of my lost phots, , so precious, , will i get them back or i right about them whatevere i remember of them, ,10

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<font color =fusha>Amy 19 September 2008

such a great poem- keep writing!

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C. P. Sharma 05 October 2008

The poem reflects your poetic caliber. Awesome portayal of the shades of life. Heart touching.

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Scarlett Treat 25 October 2008

I am now and have always been, interested in old photographs, because I always wonder who they are, what the story of their life is...why these photos wound up in an antique store, a thousand miles from home? But you have taken the '4 Photos in a Drawer (Not Forgotten) and built a perfect story around them. What a wonderful write!

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John Brown 18 March 2014

An intriguing poem indeed, and an unusual format.

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Ronel Mccarthy 11 November 2011

Very deep...yet so real with real emotion expressing the crude realities of life

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Alison Cassidy 01 January 2010

I can see your photos, Callie. You describe them with such clarity. And you use your words sparsely too, which I like. Nothing over done. In particular, the following lines stood out: 'scent of cotton scorch fills her nose'; 'Stair-stepped for posterity Almond eyes and forehead frizz' 'a careless spill of pills.' Interesting your use of the name 'Beauty'. There is irony in the name and pain in the telling. Fabulous poem. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Heather Starfire 29 October 2009

Cool idea for a poem! And interesting execution.

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Alex Nodopaka 26 October 2009

A chrono-illogical portrait of the artist as seen from an Rx bottle. I'm glad you handled this write as a pro.

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