A Walk Poem by Callie Carroll

A Walk

Rating: 4.9

The stark white of a sycamore
glints in the dappled forest.
A towhee rings clearly in the distance.
A trio of deer stare across the glen.
Their dark eyes lock on mine
and ask 'Why are you here? '

You reject the longer path
while I draw back,
reluctant to leave
the calm and quiet.

Then I see them-
Pale feather-cut leaves
and two hidden hearts
nestled at the base of a tree.
Common, yet delicate and graceful.
I almost missed them.

Return to me, linger
to see the hidden treasures.
What might you miss-
Your heart?

Saturday, April 19, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: relationships
Sights seen during my lifetime of walks coalesced into a poem.

The last three lines end with a question mark. When one comes to grips with questions as: 'Who are you? Why are you here? needs to linger.

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Philip Housiaux 19 April 2008

This is inspired writing. So many accurate communicative metaphors that are either product of a strong imagination or someone who went out and did their research before writing. All in a case of a light natural word flow. Very good work indeed.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 24 April 2008

yet inspiring by the glints of love when dappled by the the colors stll when glitters by the calmness.............when wroght by the ingenuity yet of genere sui-generis, well penned,10/10-thanks for sharing

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Ivan Donn Carswell 27 April 2008

Callie, this is terrific! Then, there- I see them, Pale feather-cut leaves and two hidden hearts nestled at the base of a tree. Common- but delicate and graceful. Blessed. I almost missed them Nested in the natural beauty of a poingant trail I almost missed it too! Rgds, Ivan

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Richard Blanch 20 July 2008

The end transforms everything anf puts a whole new framework round it all. I love the quiet mastery of sound in this and in all your poems.

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Maya Hanson 13 April 2014

So pretty! you have a way with words :) Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Sonya Florentino 27 September 2009

sad and beatuful Callista....love is a journey to be taken together, hand in hand, looking through each other's eyes, through each other's steps, all the way.....

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Beautiful writing Callista. 'You take the low road, I'll take the high road'. We can be lonely when we are not alone. The ending sad. 10/10 Karin Anderson

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James B. Earley 30 March 2009

I see a poignant portrait of two people who pursued a life apart. Angst..... reverberates.....while questions....................linger!

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Emily Oldham 28 September 2008

I like the last few verses... they just flow perfectly... this poem is perfect

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