A Fine Musician (You Played Me) Anti- Love Poem Poem by Callie Carroll

A Fine Musician (You Played Me) Anti- Love Poem

Rating: 5.0

What a maestro!
(What a dimwit!)

What didn't I get about my depreciation?
I'm no genius,
but should I have understood it?
My gradual, but final reduction.
Until, - there- you have it-
a remarkably diminuative me.

Another perfect diminuendo by the Maestro.

Oh! I did not forsee
my demise!
(What a dimwit!)

Friday, July 4, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: relationships
It really didn't happen. The words just came. I am a musician.
Original Unknown Girl 08 July 2008

ha ha... I really enjoyed this. And haven't we all fallen for this one? Fun poem with a serious note. HG: -) xx

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Bill Thomas 10 July 2008

Well seen, excellently crafted, & a great read. Thank you.

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James B. Earley 10 July 2008

You give the so-called maestro far too much credit......for we enter any new relationship with a single ally.....HOPE. My friend you are the genius....and LIFE the dimwit!

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Ershad Mazumder 13 September 2008

Its really a good poem. But I see life beyond its frontier. Try to locate the reality and truth. Life is reality and full of hazards.So that gives you pain.

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Linda Weischedel 04 October 2008

You have a way with such a short amount of words! I give you a 10.

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John Brown 18 March 2014

I like it. I am a musician too.

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John Carse 30 January 2012

Hi Cailiie - Thanks for your kind remarks on my poems. I also hope that we are not being hoodwinked by some poet fairy. I really enjoyed this poem - God do I know the feeling. It's beauty lies in it's simplicity and conversational style. Well done!

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Alex Nodopaka 26 October 2009

A fine mind behind the poetic facade

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Patrick A. Martin 09 October 2009

Do I hear the music of a Gigolo's Gig. When ever a woman uses the word Dimwit I know there is a sour note involved.

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Sonya Florentino 28 July 2009

i love any poem that's related to music but this one's gotta be one of the best!

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