Dream Pockets Poem by Cheryl Lynn Moyer Peele

Dream Pockets

Rating: 3.7

Awakened in haste,
I threw my cotton sheets
into random creases, capturing
my startled dreams.

Later, in the dark cool
stillness I unfolded
that dream soaked sheet.

Each previous tale
of slumber flew
through me, piercing
my silent core.

Naturally, my daily events
and nightly visions unite,
Astaire and Rogers
twirling in the twilight.

So then, dear conscience
where is day
and when is night?

Roger Bowman 20 July 2007

I love this poemo. take good care Roger

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Anita Blake 29 July 2007

hey, great write. take care

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Michael Ardizzone 21 August 2007

Simple and elegant, I enjoyed this poem. Dreams are such slippery things, to catch them in bed sheets would be so nice...

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Barry Van Allen 22 August 2007

Cheryl, I know that you did not expect an answer, but, I have one for you anyhow, ... the day and night are still in the same place, ... and still in the same time, right there in those creases of your dreams... - - - twirling in the twilight... deep into the night, with any luck at all. B.V.A.

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Chad Halle 03 January 2008

i really like this, it captures time and is smooth. i enjoy quite a bit of your poems actually. -chad

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Cheryl Lynn Moyer-peele 16 September 2013

I have had lucid dreams most my life, with the inevitable problem of telling the two apart. Which is life and which is dream?

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 27 April 2009

this is so relaxing to read..u make me have dreams even though i am wide awake! marvelous poem!

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Sarah Abdullah 14 December 2008

So then, dear conscience where is day and when is night? I just Love it Simply love it...it is indeed Capturing...

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Saint Cynosure 20 November 2008

Cheryl, I really like this one a lot...

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Edgar Andrade Baguio 16 November 2008

The last three lines are very striking to a 'sleepy' mind to reach out some dreams. Nice one Cher!

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