From The Inside Out – An Autistic View Poem by Cheryl Lynn Moyer Peele

From The Inside Out – An Autistic View

Rating: 4.7

The autistic child’s fingers fly across
the keys releasing inaudible syllables
of joy, floating upward between
his fingers.

He tilts his head slightly
to catch the reflection of the lyrical words,
melting into his ears, secretly
soft bubbles.

My round teacher lips release
a question, “sing, sing, sing” repeated
in his head, an echo. He shows me the notes
clinging to his breath.

“This room is my blanket.
This day is my hug.
Hold the love from my eyes.”

Louis Rams 29 November 2008

this is the first time that i see a person touch this subject with such compassion and an insight from the inside looking out as you have done with this poem. a 10

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Barbara Terry 29 November 2008

This is really a very lovely poem. It shows tenderness and caring, and it actualy brought a smile to my lips at the end. Autistic children have a lot to deal with, but when they are shown love and caring with tenderness then their world is a little bit better. I love reading this poem. You have a very tender heart. A 10 and thank you for sharing. Love & hugs, Barbara

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Ency Bearis 29 November 2008

simply the best..very compassionate write..distinctively for those children with disability..great poem... Ency Bearis

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Great write, Great Read, Great JOB

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This is wonderful i love how it flows.. Great write Krista

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Nathaniel Booker 06 May 2009

Sorry it took so long for me to post my comment Cheryl, but here I am nonetheless... Very beautiful and so deeply heartfelt. I often wonder when I see individuals, especially young ones with autism, whether it is we who label ourselves normal and healthy who truly have the handicap. As so much beauty and life come from individuals that we see as different. I've never met an Autistic murderer, rapist or anything other than... Beautiful, Just like your piece... Be Well, Nate

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Heather Noble 05 May 2009

this poem touches me a few members of my family including myself are Autistic so this poem i personally can relate to.

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Kiracakes09 . 21 January 2009

revel in your moments, these times make award nominated movies for the passion and dedication that lies within you

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Elena Winters 05 December 2008

another teacher expressing their passion for teaching..........we need more teachers like you........splendid poem 10

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Rose Falcone 02 December 2008

It left me with chill bumps. Written only as a teacher could...a teacher who gives with the heart and then receives back from the child two fold. What joy!

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