Be Quiet Please Poem by Cheryl Lynn Moyer Peele

Be Quiet Please

Rating: 5.0

Silence sings, if you listen.

earthly frequencies
can be detrimental
to your health.

A deaf girl says she
talks to angels in the cracks
of a wall. Voiceless spirits
calm her.

The twisted spine of a boy
liberates him. He flows away
from the unbearable here,
returning pain-free.

Let go of what you know.
Turn off your bleeping radio!

Your mother was right!
Loud music can steal
your soul from the heavens,

where starry silences speak
to inner ears.

(Published - 'Immortal Verses' - Fall 2007)
Also Accepted - 'Little Black Book of Poetry' - Spring 2008

Ron Flowers 19 November 2008

I like this one. Ron

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 19 November 2008

Yes! I can hear silence....and I have seen the children whose souls were trampled by loud music. A beautiful poem Cheryl....10/10

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Shirley Hanley 19 September 2009

I liked your poem so much I put it in my favorites. Your mother was right! Loud music can steal your soul from the heavens, I love this... and happen to think it's true.

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Martin Swords 02 February 2009

Cheryl I see that you, like me, like quiet places. See.....Calling....and...Mountain Stream Song.... Shhhhhhh.....Listen to the Robin....

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Bob Blackwell 14 December 2008

Cheryl, everyone should find your place of quiet, it is in us all, at the silent centre of our being. From this life grows, creative force emerges, and we arrive at peace. Lovely poem, I shall keep it close. Bob

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*Trusting You* 01 December 2008

this is very good... beautiful indeed. good job. Crystal

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Saint Cynosure 20 November 2008

This is very good and deserving of a many of 10s

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