A Fleeting Thought Poem by Chuck Audette

A Fleeting Thought

Rating: 4.9

I watched the days
and time
fly by

Sparrows -
their songs too brief

R H 13 April 2006

You have a gift to capture so much and leave a lasting imprint with your economy of words. Warmest wishes, Justine

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John Tiong Chunghoo 06 July 2006

this sounds like a japanese tanka. sparrows' song another day passes as i sip coffee

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Someone Else 14 April 2007

Rewrite of a comment lost in transition from write to send: is not 'days' a subset of 'time', hence a redundancy? Just wondering why you felt it necessary - poem would be wonderful without it, but, an excellent short piece capturing the brief moment of a sparrow's song. Not even sure if I have ever heard one-nightingale and lark, yes-sparrow, hmmm don't really recall. In NYC we don't see many; nor in Floroda -maybe in the Carolinas or PA.

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Adeline Foster 10 December 2007

Hey Charles: I agree with most of the below. But keep the time and the days, they do serve their purpose. You would be great at Haiku. Perhaps you are; I just have to read on. Adeline

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Beth L Adams 15 December 2007

Time is too short, isn't it Chuck? But the bright side is that God will grant you a whole 24 hours tomorrow to compensate for the time missed yesterday. Beautifully expressed! Take care, Beth

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Chinedu Dike 22 November 2019

Well conceived and nicely encapsulated with insight. A beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing, Chuck.

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Iris Blue 28 November 2013

A fleeting thought, perhaps, but the one that most definitely lingers....less is more and every single word here counts. Lovely Chuck...

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Smoky Hoss 22 September 2012

Days move in ages, and time in moments; sparrows live many days, but a song is gone in a moment of wonder. BEAUTIFUL poem Chuck.

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Walterrean Salley 09 August 2012

This little gem is brief, but rich and enduring.

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Gone Away 07 March 2010

Your touch is as light as a feather here...well done.

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Chuck Audette

Chuck Audette

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