A Fitting Pun Poem by Chuck Audette

A Fitting Pun

Rating: 4.9

a fitting pun -
I was misled
the seamstress
was only
sew sew
in bed.

Esther Leclerc 25 August 2006

Well, you didn't accidentally/purposely stick her, did you - ouch! Did she slap some binding on you? If you had her in stitches, well, no wonder! ! ! Thanks for the yuks, Chuck! Est : ]

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***** ********* 25 August 2006

lol That wasn't punny Charles! rofl I look great without a stitch in cyber time! rofl so she saw your sea sore and was thread bare with rough hedges to trim huh? lol Nice work. Grinning at you, Tai ed but not stitched up yet! lol

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Funnily ridiculous and very welcome, belated birthday boy! t x

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Gina Onyemaechi 25 August 2006

Sew what? : -) Thanks for the giggle, Charlie, and happy birthday again. Love, Gina.

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Danny Reynolds 26 August 2006

Ahem, a Chuck classic, needles to say. Danny

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Sandra Martyres 29 October 2009

Another cool one Chuck...you do have a sense of poetic humour! !

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Patti Masterman 22 October 2009

Be glad she didn't take after you with the pinking shears!

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Ruth Walters 14 September 2009

'Sew, sew' indeed I am maligned for I'm magnificent and wild. Sew sew is how you are say I. Your needle's blunt without an eye. ..........next verse please Chuck.... tee hee Ruthy; -)

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Cj Heck 05 August 2009

This is brilliant! You're so clever and talented. Warmest regards, CJ Heck

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Michael Gale 07 April 2009

Great write Sir Chuck. I once took wood shop in school, but I found the experience-Very boring! God bless those with a very fitting life-as a tailor-MJG.

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