A Guy In Trouble At The Speedway Poem by Chuck Audette

A Guy In Trouble At The Speedway

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in a dress
I suddenly find
a sea of laughing faces

I misunderstood
just what a drag race is

jack russell 04 September 2006

I should have expected this :) Your site is awash with wit... Best wishes :) jack.

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Janet K. Rauch 20 December 2006

To my favorite PUNNY FELLOW - It's beyond me how you come up with these humorous sniplets, but keep doing what you're doing cuz life would be a DRAG without your fabulous poems! From your fan in Michigan, Janet

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Linda Coker 24 February 2007

Ha - another lovely one!

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Chuck, you kill me. this was fantastic.

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Someone Else 14 April 2007

Great for standup comic-3 second delivery; 30 second applause, then can lead on to other similar bits of comedic brilliance.

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Danny Draper 12 July 2012

Good Sir, I would like to congratulate you on exposing the true nature of the drag racing frock (flock) and advise that you Sir, are sailing close to the wind of rhyming laws with - faces and race is, and pulled it off with only the narrowest of consonants. Just watch it Mister, we'll be reading your work with renewed interest in case of any further clever rhymes against humanity.

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Robert E Hann 20 November 2009

You are the master of the pun. You keep us all in stitches. It's what makes reading you so fun. But next time wear your britches!

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Terence Nabbs 18 November 2009

it's a drag man it's a drag. terence

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Patti Masterman 22 October 2009

I'm still trying to figure out which is better; your poems or the comments they inspire..(smile)

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 10 April 2009

nice one! ! very nice indeed!

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Chuck Audette

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