A Relationship, Of Sorts Poem by Chuck Audette

A Relationship, Of Sorts

Rating: 4.7

Love flew in my window
I thought 'whatever for? ! '
in the past it just brought woe
so I showed it to the door

Then in through my window
crawled a thing called Fear
saying 'if you won't chance Love
then I will live right here'

Dorothy- A. Holmes 07 February 2008

Charles, Hello again. I love this poem... You make me smile... Please read my 'A Heart Speaks' written back in the late 70's...I think you will get a kick of of this poem. You truly are a terrific writer. Dorothy PMI still not picking up my submissions so I resend them to poemhunter...Enjoying your several entries.

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Original Unknown Girl 29 November 2007

Superb, succinct and to the point! HG: -) xx

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Dee Daffodil 18 September 2007

I don't know how I didn't see this one before...but it is very wonderful work! ! Hugs, dee

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Stug Jordan 21 March 2007

Mmm, the perils of leaving that window open. I find that it's fear that flies in all too often, and love that crawls, sometimes not even knowing it has come in. Oh, you've provoked my most profound response yet! Great poem.

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Jayne Downing 09 March 2007

Really good, you say so much in so few words.

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Ruth Walters 23 October 2009

Love, a never ending subject, fascinating but painful. Ruthie

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Stephen Stirk 25 March 2009

Hi Chuck Another 10 for a first class rhyming miniature. Great balance and rythmn in here. All have a moral or point, no matter how short Great Steve

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Original Unknown Girl 28 November 2008

I love this Chuck, it is so clever in its brevity. HG: -) xx

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Carl Harris 21 October 2008

Though brief, this is a witty and clever poem, Chuck. I particularly liked how you made each terse word count, yet made them produce just the right bit of imagery to make this poem very effective. Carl.

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Alison Cassidy 17 October 2008

This has the brilliance of a Leunig cartoon. What more can I say? love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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