A Relationship, Of Sorts Poem by Chuck Audette

A Relationship, Of Sorts

Rating: 4.7

Love flew in my window
I thought 'whatever for? ! '
in the past it just brought woe
so I showed it to the door

Then in through my window
crawled a thing called Fear
saying 'if you won't chance Love
then I will live right here'


I've only recently caught sight of your work. I wish it had been earlier. This is a brilliantly crafted piece with elements of truth just thrown in as if in jest... very finely crafted.

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Eman H 14 June 2006

Oh yeah it's like your telling your self the result of what you might reject or accept.. Nice way of putting it!

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Nalini Hebbar 22 June 2006

your poems are simply beautifully truthful...nalini

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jack russell 07 September 2006

I love this, Chuck! You could have written a mountain of words and not said as much! That old devil called 'commitment' eh :) Love has flown in and out of my window many times...now I begin to wonder if I've seen the last flight...ah well :) Great stuff :) Jack.

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alice sunderland 09 November 2006

profundity! ! i cant 'do' profound. (envy)

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Ruth Walters 23 October 2009

Love, a never ending subject, fascinating but painful. Ruthie

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Stephen Stirk 25 March 2009

Hi Chuck Another 10 for a first class rhyming miniature. Great balance and rythmn in here. All have a moral or point, no matter how short Great Steve

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Original Unknown Girl 28 November 2008

I love this Chuck, it is so clever in its brevity. HG: -) xx

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Carl Harris 21 October 2008

Though brief, this is a witty and clever poem, Chuck. I particularly liked how you made each terse word count, yet made them produce just the right bit of imagery to make this poem very effective. Carl.

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Alison Cassidy 17 October 2008

This has the brilliance of a Leunig cartoon. What more can I say? love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Chuck Audette

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