A Different Kind Of Graffiti Artist Poem by Chuck Audette

A Different Kind Of Graffiti Artist

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'Truth is Love'
such words were said
as the poet painted
the town
all read

Patti Masterman 22 October 2009

This is really clever, and made me notice yet again: that the sum of the total comments is inversely related to the root, squared, of the shortness of the piece..(smile) Hope that came out right as I am slightly dyslexic, lol.

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Patrick A. Martin 27 October 2009

I love a good play on words and this as good a play as it gets.

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Sandra Martyres 28 October 2009

That was brilliantly said Chuck...you have a way of economising on words but packing a great punch all the same....

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Dorothy- A. Holmes 23 July 2011

I am delighted to visit and read your poetry again...a charming piece indeed. Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing I am back posting here again...some new poems although not showing in red for some reason.

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Barry Van Allen 17 April 2007

Chuck, Love is truth, as some have said, those not the words, that I have read. each poet sees things differently. B.V.A.

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Chinedu Dike 22 November 2019

A witty and insightful creation. Thanks for sharing.

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Pamela Sinicrope 11 October 2015

Clever and fun. Loved this!

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Susan Lacovara 22 March 2014

Few words can absolutely, and brilliantly speak volumes. Glad I stumbled in......I invite you to parade around my poems as well. PEACE and plenty to you

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Smoky Hoss 22 September 2012

I love the way you think!

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Karen Sinclair 12 July 2012

This really made me smile.....Lovely poignant piece which made me want to nip out with a spray can :)

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Chuck Audette

Chuck Audette

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