A Tall Tale Poem by Chuck Audette

A Tall Tale

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To the heavens they would rise
my yarns, excuses, alibis.
Such tall tales I could tell
and all constructed very well
I built them grand and I kept them neat
enjoying life in the penthouse suite
so imagine my surprise
when I tripped on one small lie
I bumbled,
I stumbled
and over the edge I tumbled
flailing past my fabled glories
I've fallen now - 100 stories!
I think at that, a reader laughed
and gave me a nice updraft!
I need another, very fast!
the distance to the truth now halved!
I sense a smile.. and there - a grin!
Thank you! I'm going up again!
Wonderful lady, kindly sir
never more will I err
your mercy I will long remember
Re-elect me this Novembeeer!

jack russell 07 September 2006

Ahhhhhhhhhhh...how I love politicians...not! ! Billions of people...and only the politicians out of step...makes you wonder :) May they choke on their words... Undiluted truth! Jack :)

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Not a member No 4 19 March 2007

You're very generous Charles: a politician telling the truth about lying! But, hey, it's very inventive, very funny, and has craft in spades. jim

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Alfredo Jacques 04 September 2007

This is a wonderful poem very funny thank you for sharing.

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Adeline Foster 07 November 2007

Hey! Hey! Well written, enjoyed it very much. Shall read more. Adeline

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Patricia Gale 12 March 2008

Thanks for the laugh... much needed this time of year.

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Edward Kofi Louis 29 January 2016

With a long tail. Thanks for sharing.

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Susan Lacovara 22 March 2014

What better than a wee bit of humor, that we can laugh at the bumbling of us all....You have such command o the stories you tell. I am new fan....PEACE

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Karen Sinclair 19 July 2012

Brilliantly clever! you painted white crisp shirts and wings only to reveal the true political gift of the gab and how gullible they see us mere mortals.....cheers karen

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Sandra Martyres 28 October 2009

Love your rhyming skills Chuck...you do it with style and humour too...like Patti I too have a huge grin on my face...

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Patti Masterman 22 October 2009

Gee I'm smiling so big I know I must look stupid (but at least nobody can see it) .

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Chuck Audette

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