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Sitting here thinking of you leaving me breathless, My heart was once cold and never seemed to beat, Your kiss is electric kicking my heart as it beats to the feeling of your skin.

Your eyes are the color of the sky when it turns blue, Your voice can sooth my soul and calm the ocean in my head, When I stand by you I feel I can do anything through you, When you say you love me it makes my head turn and my body feel numb, I will stay as you are the one who has stolen me away.

Where I go and where I roam you will be in my mind as I make it through the day I always think of you, You are the air in which I breath in, You are the water that is so clear, You are the smile that lights my face.

I feel cold but with you I feel reborn, You are the one I call when I am in fear and lost in confusion, Your smile guides my way, I feel that I am never alone when you are not around as if your right next to me, I hold you in my arms as if I am holding my heart, You mean the world to me and the feelings I feel are indescribable.

Caroline I fall to my knees as my body feels heavy and I don't want to proceed but the light you give me makes me push harder to fight for A reason to Succeed, In every attempt to stand I find it easy to do so even when my mind does not want to carry on, I find focus and an ability to reach farther when you smile at me.

In my blood is love, In my mind is love, In my body is love, In my heart is love that was always filled with pain, Cara you are what an angel would be, I hurt when you are sad as I hate to see you in pain, Stay by me and I will protect you from the pain the world has to bring, Stay with me as I will be the armor to protect you from the pain that you feel, Stay by me and I will give you the love that you deserve, You are an amazing human being.

Once I was beneath the shadows of a haunted tree, Lost and mislead in a world of pain and disease, You found me and cut the limbs from this murderous trees burning its roots with your love and needs, You rebuilt the tree into something beautiful that feeds me with what I need. Show me the way to the calm sea as I stand with your hand in mine, Gaze in the sunlight as it feels to be, Its so hard to find the one who cares, Wipe my tears away, Take my pain away, I will take yours away just as you dreamed, I am a friend that will never walk away.

Caroline Anne I know you feel pain and I know when you are crying, You don't have to cry because I am here to stay as long as you need, I will walk any dark and scary road to get to you when you need a shoulder to lean on. I will cry for you so you will not have to feel the pain I want you to know I will always be there when you are afraid, I will be there when the world gives you wrong. My heart is strong and my mind is clear with the image of your love and care.
Monday, March 19, 2012
Anne Yun 09 March 2016
Hi Connr Could i match the image in your words to the real you? I hope not, because these strong feelings can push us into deeper trap. I'd like to see a more quiet you with less blue.
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Mandi June 01 January 2013
Honest and heartfelt words of true love! This is what poetry and writing expression is all about, Connor... Wonderful job!
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Makayla Straight 19 December 2012
I once felt like this, now I just feel like Im heartless
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Samantha Rak 14 November 2012
Connor, as I think I have said many times: you are an AMAZING writer. When you told me about this I had to look it up and I'm completely speechless. You took my breath away yet again. I swear I might cry if you stopped writing so don't stop writing! ! ! Stay strong, stay focused, stay YOU! Cheers :)
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Carolina Soto 01 May 2012
Your love for her is soooo beautiful! ! ! ! 1
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Aria Quimby 25 March 2012
aww how cute! ! nice!
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Jessie Jett 23 March 2012
Wow, you paint a wonderful picture, the words of love and you can read it in your passages. Another good one. :)
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