Dropping This Heat Poem by Connor Whyte

Dropping This Heat

Rating: 5.0

Knuckles that bleed, Eyes that are swelling, breath gets heavier, Body sways to the motion of the other, My feet move light and my arms stay in front of my chest, Floating to the power stance I hold, I stand my ground and blood drips in my eyes, I am about to dropp the heat.

I throw my fist left and then to the right, Arms get tired and legs dance up and down, Focused and hard to distract I am in my zone and nothing can get in the way, Anger stays at bay and power gets harder, I am not going down until I dropp the heat.

Sweat drips and stings my cuts no time for pain, Time to bring the pain and finished what was started, Crowd shouts but its all just a blur my sights are set on my target and I will never back down, Throw him down like he weighs nothing, I am in control and give it all I got, Until I hear the bell I will not quit until the heat is dropped, I was a underdog now I have proved my point, I am never going to go down if I do I will get back up and fight.

Samantha Rak 20 May 2012

I absolutely love this poem! GREAT job! !

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Amy Lalala 20 May 2012

I love this! Totally transports me to the scene and gets me feeling what you've portrayed.

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Godfrey Morris 20 May 2012

Your poem is truly boxing, lovely poem dont dropp the heat

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Charles Monroe 20 July 2014

Nice. Here is a different take on the same term. To Hold the Heat A responsibility I've been cursed to keep Since all my big homeys are parolees On probation or known felons And I have no police record yet And am only thirteen I am expected by my fellow gang members To forever hold the heat. And I hold it like its golden Like our lives depended on it. And I hold it like it’s stolen Like there's countless murders on it. And I hold it locked and loaded Cocked and potent and concealed. Even though it’s very presence Will add decades to my sentence I must carry heat and hold it From the buckle to the scrotum Hoping none of us will lose it And I won’t be forced to use it Banging louder than the music Like a drum-roll off the snare Either wired or acoustic; Hope nobody likes to stare. Hope our enemies don’t show, I pretend to play the part Of a fool who doesn’t mind Putting led through someone’s heart. And I smile amongst the gangsters In my dark blue baggy jeans I’m the designated shooter And I barely turned thirteen; I been cursed to hold the heat. P.X 7.20.14

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Travis Ciempa 18 June 2012

Liked it alot great use of imagery.. shows how you feel about fighting :) good job - Trav

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Adeline Foster 13 June 2012

Interesting take on this poem and the descriptive illustrations depict your determination. Not that I understand why there are two ‘p’s in drop. Is it a boxing term? Read mine - We the Unencumbered – Adeline

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Romeo Della Valle 11 June 2012

You definitely dropped some heavy punches on this one, my man! You can really play with the right words! Well penned and poignant! 10+++ Thank you for sharing and keep it up! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City!

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Hanin Hussam Shalabiah 09 June 2012

amazing poem cooner i really like it

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