Girl Power Poem by Crystal Pierce

Girl Power

Rating: 4.3

Never underestimate the mind of girls.
Yes, our emotions have a million swirls,
but we are strong!
Never doubt us, we're never wrong.

Girl Power

We have big hearts,
and we try not to fall apart.
Our minds aren't complicated.
Our thoughts are just hated.

Girl Power

Boys just couldn't understand.
They don't even come up with plans!
We try our best to help them understand
what we have planned.

Girl Power

A couple of weeks ago, I was hanging out at break with some of my friends. This guy walks up and starts to tease us. I then realized that he only picked on girls. So in return I wrote a poem for this dude and gave my friends some confidence. I know it's not much of a story, but it's the reason I wrote the poem.
Bri Edwards 08 November 2016

i just read my previous comment AND [FOR THE FIRST TIME I THINK, 'cause i rarely return to a poem to see if the poet responds; i like it when poets send a response (to my comment) to me as a PH message] your response. no need to be sowwy. (does that mean i made you feel like a female pig?) (ha ha) i was not at all offended by anything you wrote. maybe some of my silliness made you think i WAS... offended. - - - - - - - - - - - - Maybe the guy, who you say only picked on girls, was actually flirting and TRYING to pick up a girl(friend) ? ? ? bri :)

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Bri Edwards 04 April 2015

i really like it when a poet takes the time to leave a poet's note, especially if it answers questions which i would have after reading the poem. thanks! I try to not underestimate (or overestimate) the power of a person’s mind. looks and behavior can be deceiving. oh! do girls have minds also! ? heh heh hee-hee ha ha I like the rhyming and that you settled for some rhymes which work well for understanding but are not quite what I would call “perfect rhymes” (they don’t all end in exactly-rhyming sounds) . well done. ok, well YOU KNOW you are teasing us with “we’re never wrong”! I like that you wrote TRY to not fall apart. but WHO “hates” the thoughts? you girls, or the “boys” or? yes, girls have plans, but I hope you have learned (two years later) that sometimes boys DO HAVE PLANS! ALSO I liked repeated “Girl Power”. to MyPoemList. bri :)

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Crystal Pierce 12 October 2015

Sometimes when I look back on this comment I think I might have struck a nerve... sowwy: -/

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Crystal Pierce 30 March 2015

Haha thanks guys, and I did Soul Watcher

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Soul Watcher 30 March 2015

Lol! nice and so funny poem, I really like it.. But of course not all the same, Yes I agree alot of them, but not the all. It's a very wonderful poem, thank you for sharing.

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Fabrizio Frosini 28 March 2015

:) good done, Christya.. ans send a copy to that guy.. ;)

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