Mistakes Poem by Cynthia Carpenter

Cynthia Carpenter

jacksonville, flordia


Rating: 5.0

stuck an drowning in this dark place
through the night I'm haunted by your face
I'm finally through
denying that i ever loved you
i wish i could change back time to that day
that i stupidly walked away
out of your life, away from you
now there's nothing i can do

Gajanan Mishra 09 December 2013

there is nothing I can do, good write, thanks. Please read my poems and comment.

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Daniel Brick 04 September 2014

This is a very moving poem. It has an spontaneous quality that makes the confession all the more convincing. The sincerity of emotions makes me think there is still hope to salvage the situation But that goes to show how I internalized your poem and want to write a different ending than that which the writer knows is the only possible outcome - and she sums it up in the final word, GOOD BYE. It's especially sad to think earlier the speaker may have given him a poem like MY DARK PRINCE full of idealism and hopes for the long future.

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Msforever Lonley 12 December 2013

thanks you guys, that means allot read my other poems and tell me what you think

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 12 December 2013

Ah yes regrets. U express yorself in a fine way in a gud poem. I hope u review my latest too.

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Bright Morn 09 December 2013

totally agree with Adheez mistakes leaves regrets we can do nothing for what has been but can learn a lot from them for what is going to be

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Adheez Van Der Beanthz 09 December 2013

a mistake leaving regret and there's nothing we can do but learn from it a poem that looks bleak but hides great meaning for me this is an honesty, I can feel it

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Cynthia Carpenter

jacksonville, flordia
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