Deborah Cromer Poems

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What night was given in beautiful trust
Engulfed with kisses, touching and lust
Your mouth so strong, and filled with passion
Devouring my body in pleasing fashion

All Of Love

The secrets of ancient history, and astral travel
Amazing and awesome stories, begin to unravel
Unveiling the healing of today, in it's different stages
The time is now, to open books, to all the pages


Like a butterfly to a flower your movement attracts my eyes
To join you, securing bond and relations for us, silently affection cries
You give me life, I need you, I hunger for your taste
Every moment with you my time is no waste


You are the artist of anger, marking my body with pain
Deep, inflicted hurt, rising to my skin's surface to stain
Instantly bruising my body, purple, red, black and blue
Why turn on me, when all I have done, I have done for you

3rd Street

So much pain and suffering, for one so young
Often melodies of sorrow, you silently sung
Your hands and feet were endlessly so cold
You told me in closeness, you would never grow old


What inspires one to act upon a thought
To bring forth creativity a moment once brought
Is it a scent, flavor, color or an emotion
Can the touch of a loved one tap into devotion

A Gift

In just one, whole, single day
What can one possibly say
Our world in times such as thus
When we together again can be us


Possessing an unwillingness to forgive
How can one choose not to live
Anger and pain need no fuel
Life and death battling a deadly duel


Look at me now, I have no more trust
You cheated on me horribly, my actions are just
I believed in you, with all of my heart
You kept with her and tore me apart


It takes one thought to begin a dream
Reality and fantasy together to form a team
Some of this and some of that, it is clear
Acting upon each other, with nothing to fear

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