Cheater Poem by Deborah Cromer


Rating: 4.6

Look at me now, I have no more trust
You cheated on me horribly, my actions are just
I believed in you, with all of my heart
You kept with her and tore me apart
I waited for you to find out it was wrong
You just kept seeing her, and being with her all along
I know now you were lying to me most of the time
Truth had no answers, not even in rhyme
You were starting off on your relationship new
Stupid, ignorant me kept right on believing in you
Believing in us in every bit that I had
For my children too, they did call you 'Dad'
We all loved you with the purest of breath
Offering you forever with honor, you just gave us death
Selfish were your actions to only think of you
Spending special moments with your someone new
You could have fixed things, but chose not to instead
Our time, our lives, our future now lays here dead
No breath, no life, no heartbeat at all
You went away to kill us and answer cheating's call
Making your life with her, you will do your best
What we had and could have had, is now laid to rest
Dead, done and over, nothing left to save
Dumped and burried, forgotten within memory's grave

Thursday, June 4, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: deception
Eyan Desir 27 June 2009

hmmm, i hate cheaters i really hate them.... 10s

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Adulterers and adultery very painful and no one really wins....a ten

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Nikunj Sharma 07 July 2009

Hey DC There is pain in your words.and the readers feel it...

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Christina Phan 02 August 2009

Another great one 10++ kept writing

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Danny H 17 August 2009

Extremely sad, this is one of my biggest fears. i have too many :) so im still trying to work on trusting my boyfriend of 6 months. Well done

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Melody Cromer 10 May 2018

I loved this Poem and felt it to the very depth of my soul! You did a good job relating to all the emotions not only you felt but others could and would feel in this situation! I must say this was an eye opener for me that to feel connected to you and not even knowing you personally! Thanks for sharing this I totally enjoyed it! Good Luck in writings and I hope you continue to do so! !

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Eyan Desir 06 November 2009

Loved your flow of words... Hell with cheater.. Love is only for two too much for three10sssss all the way

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Shashendra Amalshan 24 August 2009

I am sorry! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! This is written with so much emotions.. I was moved.. These kind of things happens always. Just the thought of marriage gives me creeps, some times the thought of fall in love with some one gives me creeps, cause this kinda thing happen it hurts! ! ! ! this is very good ma'am.. i was very moved.. with loves Shan

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Paul Hansford 21 August 2009

Although written in strictly rhyming couplets, this poem rings true all along. The despair and disappointment of the subject (whether yourself or another) are clearly expressed and evoke real sympathy.

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Yacov Mitchenko 21 August 2009

Well, presumably not quite 'forgotten in memory's grave' if you're writing about it, though there's little doubt you want to forget. There are good lines here, and I like your no-nonsense, direct approach which I see sorely lacking in many contemporary poems. How about writing a poem about the cheater's perspective on things?

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Deborah Cromer

Deborah Cromer

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