3rd Street Poem by Deborah Cromer

3rd Street

Rating: 4.0

So much pain and suffering, for one so young
Often melodies of sorrow, you silently sung
Your hands and feet were endlessly so cold
You told me in closeness, you would never grow old
A voice so deep, with beautiful words to speak
Too often, I saw tears run down your cheek
I saw the sadness through years grow stronger
Happiness became an act, longer and longer
Such gentle strength, for one so afraid
Many nights on your chest, my head I laid
I could feel your heart beat and hear your breath
This man I loved dearly, headed for early death
There was nothing anybody could do, to stop you
This was a losing battle, and you really knew
I know you are happy now, and have no fear
No more worries and depression, year after year
The cold, the hunger, the loneliness and pain
Shall all be washed clean from within the rain

Efe Benjamin 08 June 2009

This is good, i think its a dirge, I could imgine what it feels to lose someone so dear to us. I like this poem, and i'll rate it 10+

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Suicidal Magic 24 June 2009

yea it does reming me of my poem Suicidal Love! Amazing work yet again... i love how you describe everything... AMAZING!

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Alex Gomez 28 June 2009

As in your other poems, your flow is outstanding and your word choice is commendable. I enjoyed this one for it's message, though, for I can somewhat sympathize.

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Waiting for death to claim another cherished life...just like the ticking of a clock.If we had more time.a ten from me.

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Eyan Desir 02 July 2009

Interesting and beautiful 10s

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Chris Blazo 18 August 2012

Sad write of losing someone close. This makes the best poetry. Thank you.

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Indranil Bhaduri 02 August 2012

Beautiful, Deborah! Truly a mindblowing piece of work.. fantastic! ! ! Carry on.. :)

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Omar Ibrahim 26 August 2009

awesome, fantastic, wonderful! ! ! ! ! you are great! ! !

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Siddharth Singh 23 August 2009

An extra ordinary poem in truly your style. Leaves me amazed. A full 10.

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 19 August 2009

Melodic movement steers this work, through tight, crisp, mellifluous structure. Employment of apropriate pathos & and empathy set a soberly capturing tone, from the onset. FjR

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Deborah Cromer

Deborah Cromer

Portland, Oregon
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