Attracted Poem by Deborah Cromer


Rating: 4.3

Like a butterfly to a flower your movement attracts my eyes
To join you, securing bond and relations for us, silently affection cries
You give me life, I need you, I hunger for your taste
Every moment with you my time is no waste
The growling inside loudens, my hunger needs to eat
I feast off your body, so manly, sensitive and sweet
I taste your closeness, licking, sucking and swallowing flavor of skin
The game of life, two players, a chance for us both to win
Touch my shoulder and kiss my neck, the moment is yours to please
Nuzzle your nose to my ear, breathing sounds that playfully tease
You laugh a little, deep and slow, you know you have the stand
My body is yours to act and give on your honorable command
You touch my body and it caresses my soul's cover
Penetrating through into the center of my being, you become my lover
Energy expelled with heavy breathing, only to ventilate the fires
Burning hot, fueled immensely, combustion of passion floods all wires
A pulsation of throbbing waves, wet breakers of highest, cresting want
Your skin and scent excite me, as your tongue moves to taunt
In this moment, I have to feel you now, love me hard and deep
Licking you slowly, feeling you move, a memory to always keep
Hurled above rhythm, hearts pound in pattern with thunderous roar
Thoughts now of the next time we are together are hard to ignore

One Who Waits 07 June 2009

Wow... Very nice. Vivid, moving, sensual.10+++ I just dropped some words here with the same intent. A nice nice time... I bid you Peace. 1ww

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Have no worry, young lady...there is nothing you have written here that management would not consider apostolic, no less acceptable for posting here. However, if you wouldn't mind, i'd like to share a few thoughts on this piece, which i find to be commendable, and possessing potential for solid quality, with some modification! Your employment of sensual depiction is fine...but you need to leave something for the imagination. Deborah, IMO, you bare a wee bit too much...which in the case of a work with an intimate need to deliver some of your expression by way of some underlying termonology, that the Reader will get...but that does not jump out and bite them, so easily. Keep 'em thinking, and searching and they'll always come back for more...Good Luck, lass! FjR

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Very sensual but not naughty.You didn't use any of the words prohibted on this site.If you have a chance please read my SPEAK OF LOVE.I thought the last two lines in my poem's 2nd stanza was too risque.I gave you a ten...

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Eyan Desir 27 June 2009

Strong wording...I completly love it but ppl here hate these poem... you should consider write these books, know what i mean I will be the first to read you got a great flow with word your book will be a best seller forget about poems write compostions of love great job

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Smiley Hooker 09 July 2009

I think nobody writes it better than you are. Wonderful and entertaining; -)

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Fay Slimm 23 September 2009

Sensuously passionate Deborah - - I like the comparison at the start of the attraction the butterfly has for the flower...... a dreamy steamy verse....10 plus from Fay

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Catrina Heart 16 September 2009

Elegance have your passionate lines here..well written poem..............10+++++

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Sarwar Chowdhury 06 September 2009

oh what a lovely........passionate........compact.......and fine wording! 10+

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Steven S 25 August 2009

The world needs more poems like this... full of passion and enthusiasm.

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 20 August 2009

Hurled above rhythm, hearts pound in pattern with thunderous roar Thoughts now of the next time we are together are hard to ignore it is for asking and can be had anytime but it will be very hard to ignore...10 read mine butterflies...anywhere and mary to marry

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