Awake Poem by Deborah Cromer


Rating: 4.9

It takes one thought to begin a dream
Reality and fantasy together to form a team
Some of this and some of that, it is clear
Acting upon each other, with nothing to fear
One step forward to begin each new day
All senses alive at once do play
The mind is awake with too much time to see
Looking and searching, begging to be set free
Trapped and holding on, never to let go
We travel daily from the high to the low


a poem is born a theory enunciated a song sung, a sonnet forgotten just termini of thought….. it meanders; moves forms new ruts irrigate new lands sauté hearts anew and sing new songs thought moves on

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Nikunj Sharma 10 July 2009

Reality n fantasy to mingle For the soul to merrily jingle for your face to bathe in glow In evry moment frm high 2 low

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Marvin Brato 10 July 2009

A thought is like a dot.. it converges to make a whole thing! Very inspirational!

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very musical and moving great write Deb :)

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Siddharth Singh 19 July 2009

couldn't agree more with you. I give you a 9.

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Bob Blackwell 22 August 2009

Nice rythmn and rhyming. Dreams we have do reflect our lives, I prefer to live in present time, and reflect on how life is going.

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Indira Renganathan 21 August 2009

Analytical though the last line is confusing me a little...nice theme10

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Rup Pokharel 20 August 2009

WOW! ..It takes one thought to begin a dream Reality and fantasy together to form a team.. Great tablet indeed to cure ample people suffering with ailment from unfulfilled dream. 10+++

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Danny H 17 August 2009

Very short, but yet a confidence poem that we will keep on living and need to live and not cower

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Andrew Blakemore 12 August 2009

The journey of life leads in many directions. This is a lovely piece Deborah, very well written. Best wishes, Andrew

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Deborah Cromer

Deborah Cromer

Portland, Oregon
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