Afflicted Poem by Deborah Cromer


Rating: 4.8

You are the artist of anger, marking my body with pain
Deep, inflicted hurt, rising to my skin's surface to stain
Instantly bruising my body, purple, red, black and blue
Why turn on me, when all I have done, I have done for you
I will not fight back, I cower from your abuse
Whatever you will say later, does not matter, there is no excuse
Minutes upon minutes, adding together to make a moment
A moment in time where your anger and hate are well spent
I see you in my face, loud and angry, you scream and yell
I cling to the ground, praying to escape the horrible hell
I have done nothing though, but you blame it all on me
In this moment, I fear I will never be free
You just can't take it any longer, no more, no more
I am frozen with fear, my aches I feel to the core
You are not hurt you say, you claim you didn't hurt me
My pain and bruises must be for only for me to see
You threaten me with violence, and scream so very loud
This is an action that with love, should not be allowed
What did I do I wonder, too afraid to speak or to talk
Frozen with fear, numb with pain, I am afraid to stand and walk
I only have loved you to my best, loved you so, so strong
What has happened with our love, what has gone so terribly wrong

Lacie Wasserman 13 June 2009

Wow....this is amazing. And I can definitly relate to it in a different way than being hit or beaten :) Good Job.

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This was amazing! ...Thanks for the request! ...It was worth it! ! ' <33Payyton

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Eyan Desir 16 June 2009

Good write 10s..........................

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Melanie Williams 16 June 2009

Debrah, I don't remember if u said if this was a true story or not, but i am glad to hear that you are happy and safe now. Thank you, Melanie

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Suicidal Magic 24 June 2009

i luv the way u describe everything! amazing imagery

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James Mclain 18 May 2016

One can't but help how once you felt to rise and never fall. To rise and never fall you gave your all.. iip

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Catrina Heart 15 September 2009

wow Deb this is such a very nice heartfelt have drawn me to your words. I felt all the sadness and pain here...your vividness have magical way to touch ones heart.......OMG you made me cried! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 10++++++++++

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Omar Ibrahim 26 August 2009

touching! ! ! ! ! ! very touching! ! !

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Yacov Mitchenko 21 August 2009

This is (generally speaking) a well-wrought composition, Deborah. There is power in many lines. I hope you didn't personally have to undergo all this. Well, if you did, you at least came out of it with a good poem. Whoever the man was is not worth a fine woman's time, assuming the portrait is an accurate one.

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Lorina Zapata 19 August 2009

Deborah, after reading this poem I have come to two conclusions, either you have written this expressing what you yourself had to endure or you know someone who has gone through such horrible pain. Either way, this is why I love poetry with all of my heart. It allows a person to paint with words their thoughts and emotions providing a release that they may not otherwise have. For poets, our work is composed in our own little worlds where we are safe and have a sanctuary to retreat to in our minds. This was an incredibly powerful poem and I would love to read another piece by you that expresses light at the end of this very dark tunnel of abuse. I say this because women who are currently in this situation can read this piece and feel that they are understood and it will bring them comfort. Then in reading another piece that demonstrates the power of action that they hold in order to change their circumstance can maybe inspire them to take a stand against this type of abuse and know that they don't have to live like this any longer. Very powerful poem.

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