Child Abuse Poem by Donna Nimmo

Child Abuse

Rating: 4.7

You're still young and innocent and mild
After all you're still only a child
You have parents, that are supposed to protect you
But often they don't, more than they do
Some fathers love their kids more than anything
But there are bad ones, that disgrace they will bring
You dread the night, when you go to bed
That he will come in, say things that shouldn't be said
They will sneak around when no one else is home
They can't hurt you if they can't catch you alone
They will say you can't tell what they did to you
They will tell you lies that just aren't true
You get so you can't stand his filthy touch
They say they do this because they love you so much
You want his love and so afraid to tell
Love him so much, don't want him in jail
You feel so hopeless and so very sad
Can't remember a time, that he made you glad
If your mother doesn't believe you, continue to tell
You need to do something, scream or yell
This is a poem, that's hard to hear
You don't deserve the pain and all the fear
Some people have children, they don't derserve
Our children's rights, we have to preserve
You can go to school and tell your teacher
If that doesn't work go and tell your preacher!

Mary Nagy 30 November 2005

This is very powerful Donna. It's a wonderful message for children. I agree that some people have children they don't deserve. Sincerely, Mary

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Caz Faulkner 20 October 2007

thanks for sharing loved it

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Dee Daffodil 26 June 2006

Donna...Thank you for this poem...I suspect it took a lot out of you. The message is a difficult, yet welcome one. Bravo! Hugs, Dee

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mbali 12 August 2022

did you know i can shake my ears. its like am transforming into an alien, is that normal. even my classmate putin can do it, and it facinates my friend amahle

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ParrotSillYoung 27 September 2021

Me again! Donna this is a very emotional and powerful poem that made me understand the meaning of life you😊

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lydiann 07 October 2018

yuh poems are talking the truth about what does go on in children lives

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duduzile Gamede 24 May 2018

yah this poem so touching and painful

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ParrotStillYoung 27 September 2021

Yes lots of kids go through this kind of treatment I wish they didn't this poem really made me about kids😔

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Mysterious Writer 333 14 May 2016

I loved this poem! So true! You're a brave person to write such a lovely poem. Great job!

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