Donna's Story Poem by Donna Nimmo

Donna's Story

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I spend alot of time writing poems, telling my story
Most are kind of sad, doesn't offer much glory
My best friend is my paper and my pen
It brings me back to places I have been
Some hold sorrow, some hold cheer
Some hold memories, that are very dear
In some I write about great pain
But most of all, I don't write in vain
If one of my poems can touch your heart
Then, I consider my writing some kind of art
I would like to touch, the lives that have been hurt
Want everyone to know that they must stay alert
Pain and fear isn't a choice for many
In all my years, I've sure had plenty
So if my words can help you heal
Maybe my new life, you can feel
Don't pity me, because I've been made whole
I've taken back my life that other's stole!

Susan Ash 11 May 2007

This is lovely, describes just what poetry should be about.

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Dee Daffodil 26 June 2006

Bravo! ! You go girl! Maybe you would want to read my poem...'Lost Souls'. I enjoyed this Hugs, Dee

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Charles Garcia 14 February 2006

Donna's Story is beautiful, I feel and write the same, I can relate to Donna and her feelings as I feel the impulse to write and I write, I do not consider myself a great poet, but nontheless a poet, only writing for 3 years and have hundreds posted a few, Give my page a try Charles Garcia

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Nora Griffin 15 January 2006

Donna, I have to say that you and I think so muck a like! Your poems are very personal and tell a lot about your history. I think you are wonderful writer with great appreciation for your gift! Nora

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Mary Nagy 30 November 2005

Great courage you show Donna! I think we all go through what we do for a reason. You've managed to get out of it so I am happy to see you trying to help others...........that's what true survivors do (in my eyes.) Great job. sincerely, Mary

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