The Police Officer's Wife Poem by Donna Nimmo

The Police Officer's Wife

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He goes to work early everyday
For him to be safe is what I pray
He often works late, not a set time
He stays busy on the streets, fighting crime
He has a whole family that loves him too
The most honorable man that I ever knew
Lots of people are bad, must protect the city
Catching crooks isn't fun or very pretty
His job makes us feel safe in our home
He makes a point to find them, where ever they roam
So please dear god, keep him safe tonight
And let him not have to get into a fight
A policemans wife's worry will never cease
Until he retires and can live in peace!

Kanniappan Kanniappan 08 July 2013

It is true. Even though they are police, they are also human. They have a family to look after.

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Dee Daffodil 26 June 2006

Donna....This sentiment means more to me than you could know...and a lovely poem for your husband! The families and loved ones of our 'heroes' are often heroes as well, and we musn't forget them! Hugs and thanks! Dee

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Cj Heck 25 November 2005

The love shines through in your poem, Donna! Best wishes and a hug, CJ

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