I Sing A Sad Song Poem by Dorothy (Alves) Holmes

I Sing A Sad Song

Rating: 4.7

I sing a sad song for the cold, lonely
Moments no one will admit to aloud.

I sing a sad song for all of the broken
Wrought by circumstances beyond
Anyone's control.

I sing a sad song for the faces pressing
Against the window panes in longing.

I sing a sad song for wild anticipation
Of days that never come.

I sing a sad song for the telephone
That never rings enough.

I sing a sad song for dreams woven of
Hopeless illusions.

I sing a sad song for all of those who
Waste time, singing sad songs!

Tony Atkins 25 June 2007

all i can say is deep very deep

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James B. Earley 06 July 2008

Sad songs....a waste of time...maybe...to some. But deep within Blues..or... perhaps Country music...(the saddest of sad songs) ...one may often discover the intensely satisfying melody! Excellent.

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Lyn Paul 01 May 2015

A... Mazing. Simply adore these words Dorothy. And would loved to sing a sad song with you. As Elton says... Sad songs say so much... Though doesn't have to mean feeling sad. Just love your beautiful smile on your page and your heart that goes with it.

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Rajnish Manga 19 November 2020

Quite an interesting poem- poignant to the core. The last couplet brings in an amount of irony though not a bit shocking. Thanks a lot, Dear Ma'am Dorothy. I would like to translate this poem into Hindi. Hope I receive your approval.

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Advija Hrustic 09 October 2015

This is beautiful. Only sad heart can understand.

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Ovi Odiete 29 September 2015

this is a beauytifuol tragic and comic poem.. All in one poem...

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Liza Sudina 22 September 2015

Good end! humoristic indeed! thank you, singer!

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A compelling and creative composition that is loaded with loneliness!

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