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In courage-you find
no fear
and in courage-no weakness
does appear

When I look around me
I don't see no
barnyard full of joy
no fields of dreams

Colors of the universe
seem to be blending
old wounds
slowly mending

Pretty woman looking
so good from head to toe,
Pretty woman looking
so good from head to toe,

A dream that is strong
is impossible to kill
A dream that is strong
can come true

A very shapely girl
a diamond bracelet she wore
around one of her ankles
a black pearl ear ring she wore

When you arrive
you let me know
that you are alive
You come and then

Your choice
is darkness
Mine is light
Your choice

when the world becomes
a nightmare
it's a living hell
when the world

Woman is a master plan
her design
extremely fine
Woman works her magic

Your sons your daughters
they think they can change the world
is it fiction
is it reality?

That evil doing
Start living right
its a step that you take

Baby the love in our relationship
Is just an illusion
It ain't
Really really real

Baby my heart
Is just a vacant house
Without your love
Baby my heart

We very old people
We enjoy drinking very hot
And fumbling around the house

They said it was
An act of disrespect
What he did
And for that

A very old man riding
A very old horse left the mountaintop
And rode down into a very dark valley
Looking for something that he couldn't find anywhere

Baby don't you think
That the world is living
Much too fast
Baby we don't have to

What age steals it keeps
your energy
your youth
your beauty

Maya Angelou never gone
Just somewhere else
Deep dark tonality
Gritty forceful

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The Best Poem Of Dorsey Baker

In Courage

In courage-you find
no fear
and in courage-no weakness
does appear
In courage-steps toward
danger taken
and in courage-strength
within awaken
In courage- a hero
takes shape
and in courage- the villain
can't escape
In courage-there is a call
to duty
and in courage-out of ugliness
comes beauty

Dorsey Baker Comments

Lawrence S. Pertillar 21 May 2020

Dorsey, Dorsey, Dorsey. I love your latest poem. It can be interpreted in several ways. And being the cynical poet, I acknowledge I can be 'sometimes'? This poem I find both humorous, And thought provoking. U2much! Yep.

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Lyrae cjara 07 September 2018

Ilan taon na syang author

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Alistair Plint 29 May 2018

Well I enjoyed reading you Dorsey. A frenzy of a girl was my favourite piece.

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This Person 06 April 2018

Has a long long journey ahead to become a poet.

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Dorsey Baker Quotes

looks are just looks beauty is eternal!

spring up fall back I know the clock must get tired jumping back and forth, but remember in today's world thats just the life of a clock!

You have to get old before you become young again!

If you are too nosey you might miss out! on a lot of good things in your life!

Death tells us that life is nothing more than an illusion because life is here! then its gone!

You can have breath in your body but if you have no spirit you have no life!

The poverty of the rich man is his money!

Kindness is a blanket that can help you get through the coldest winter!

We are born to die so why don't we live life to live? !

Bitterness is a taste very hard to get out of your mouth!

hate and love is a couple that would never marry!

You have got to taste what you spit out whether it be sweet or bitter!

It is very unhealthy for you to have a dirty heart!

You know where you want to go but you are going in the wrong direction to get there!

A man's money might be in his back pocket but still be very close to his heart!

Todays world is full of confusion not too much peace and harmony

Uncover the truth let it stand naked before your eyes!

Its so rude to interrupt a man having a good time!

Let yourself enjoy yourself because the definition of being alive is living!

You can be very smart, yet lack real intelligence!

Sex drive needs a steering wheel!

Pain can be too many irons in the fire or pain can be too much time on your hands!

True love goes down into very deep waters but it comes out crystal clear!

Two wrongs don't make a right but they might make a left!

Some nuts have a thicker shell and they are much harder to crack!

Sex is contagious like a virus you can catch it from somebody else!

The voice of wisdom speaks so softly it becomes a whisper!

Your peacefulness is destroyed by your warrior mentality!

Women don't make threats they make promises and when they speak you'd better listen!

The only somebody you have to be... is you!

The only somebody you have to be... is you!

In old age your boiling pot cools down and starts to simmer

You are never too old! to grow up!

Life is short so don't live it too fast!

Don't define a wealthy man let him define himself!

Old person? Second childhood? No I don't think they have enough energy left!

Satan knows that if people come together they just might get along so he tries so very hard to keep them apart!

You want to live to get old but you just don't want to get there too fast!

The bible says Words without Action is dead But just make sure The actions taken They are some Good ones!

death is the biggest killer in the world don't think it cannot get you because sooner or later it will

upon your face the mask you wear it's because you care stop the spread millions of people already dead

clothes may be new when you get them but they wear out sooner or later

hurt can go way down deep but love is strong enough to get it out

think smart not hard

young people lust old people yawn

we are all just some branches coming from the tree of life

you will never be dead until you stop living

A monster waits in the darkness deep And he is fear

Everybody is a coward sometime

it ain't the legs of the horse that wins the race but it is his heart

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Dorsey Baker Popularity

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