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She had an air about her
Bold and proper she was
Flawless in her fashion
Or anything she does

The doctor says we are going to die
Our cholesterol is much too high

There is mercury in the fish we fry

Feeling blue, pained, sick or lost
Give God a call
It's free of cost

Obscure to where I am going
Blind to where I have been
Darkness over-rides my psyche
Leaving vision somewhat dim

I'm gonna get myself out of this city
I'm gonna get myself out of this city
Gonna get myself out of this city
Cause livin' here is just a pity


Harrison, Vega, King and Robinson
Pavarotti, Charles, Feliciano or Lennon
Vivaldi, Enya, Byrd and McCartney
Mancini, Kitaro, Beethoven or Guthrie

Anxious for the odor of a salty sea
Yearning for the sound of flapping sails
I set my heading to drift among
The whitecaps and the whales

Hooded mysterians of legend
Cauldrens of boiling mass
Concocting spells of good and evil
Among tall stones and trampled grass

The essence of nothingness are the hatemongers
Works of indignity are spread heavily, repeatedly
Words of the sassy proctor, add sickly disgrace
In a world of tears, we must subsist

Dear Mr. Bilderberg,

Through the news media and other sources of information
I heard your plea and gave it much contemplation

Dear Prudence,
Don't bother me.
I should have known better with a girl like you.
Hello, goodbye, day tripper!

A remarkable feat of tranquility, death is

Unpretentious, reliably complete

Cranial vessel, engulf us, delight us

Embark us on an extensive voyage
toward dreams never thought of


What did the elected one say
I heard, yet, I don't believe it
He said nothing at all
The people sigh


Paranoia stifles my soul

I vision its form without
Yet, sense it from within

Cumberland, Cumberland
Where have you gone my friend
For progress, you were rearranged
How I wish that you could mend


Today, as a contrast of my usual self,
I assisted no one,
nor did I discuss cause and effect

I may grill you to the 'n'th degree
Out of habit, nothing more
I may not clearly understand
Yet, I will try, of that I'm sure

The sign hung loosely around his neck,
draping him with a cardboard tunic
that read......'The End Is Near'

Suture my sorrowful eyes

Viewing a world of bitterness,
hate and hostility,

The Best Poem Of Edwin Robinette

Last Of The Classy Ladies

She had an air about her
Bold and proper she was
Flawless in her fashion
Or anything she does

This high heeled, dark eyed beauty
Not one hair out of place
A sexy smile, a wanton style
Yet, full of charm and grace

Her walk can be disarming
Deceiving is her way
Her nylon legs stir much ado
She knows, but will not say

A figure men would lust for
Proud breasts so soft and full
She is last of the classy ladies
But, she is no one's fool

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Edwin Robinette Popularity

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