Eila Mahima Jaipaul Poems

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There is no sweeter sound,
than my breath,
held hostage,
captured amidst,

An Intimidated Poet

I lost my pen, love
it ran out of ink.
all I have left
is a pencil with

The Things I Do With Lips (Or I Will Kiss You)

I will kiss you
good night
good morning
good day

The Last Words That Fall From Knowing Eyes

I can hear you whispering
in the night silence of my room
my heart surrenders to you...
like the sun to the moon.

A Beautiful Dream

you appear there
in front of me
very nearly transparent
your presence looking like a reflection

29 June

leaf skeletons
stems hollow
tiny veins, rigid
support air

Caressing You With My Words

Can you feel them, Love,
Softly touching your cheek
Tracing the lines of your mouth
Trailing down your neck

I Want (Erotic)

I want you to forget all else
except the scent of intoxication
the feel of sensuality, while I
lavish your body, with my mouth

...And They Say Love Is Blind

I ran easily through the night
despite the path
I was one with the shadows
slipping through moonlight

If I Were A Poet (Writing You Love Poems)

If I were a poet
I would mix taboo words
Into verses that resemble
sublime metered stanzas.