Rating: 4.6

There is no sweeter sound,
than my breath,
held hostage,
captured amidst,
a need unfolding.

Eyes gone to lust,
soft lids flutter,
as passion's kaleidoscope,
colors my darkness.

Slender neck flinches,
lips part so lightly,
warm breath spreading,
telegraphing secrets,
of soft stolen kisses.

Soft breast's swell,
arching back moves cat like,
globes framing,
bursting buds of rose.

Arms stretch upward,
pushed high overhead,
fingers curl around nothing,
looking for leverage,
to push back at desire.

Pace comes now quickly,
silken thighs spread,
coaxing lips and tongue to linger,
succulent velvet folds,
hug my perfect pearl,
then render pure nectar.

Urgent cries of passion,
requesting completion,
hips swivel and quiver,
running unleashed

racing toward perfection,
straining for oneness,
overcome by ecstasy,
with satisfaction's arrival.

Wrapped in exhaustion,
there is no sweeter sound,
than my breath,
held hostage,
released by your giving.

Richard Stilwell 08 November 2005

Beautiful.... So vivid I watched you in my mind. So powerful I felt you in my heart...

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Uriah Hamilton 04 November 2005

Thanks for that! ! ! ! !

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 10 November 2015

Sensuality and sexuality combined in the poem a beautiful creativity.

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Souren Mondal 10 November 2015

A very sensual and brilliant poem... Incredible expression of the female desire.. Beautiful...

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M Asim Nehal 10 November 2015

Sensual poem yet again..........

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Destinie Thacker 07 June 2006

I am at a loss for words on that one. But one does come to mind, Awsome!

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Simon Whild 15 November 2005

Yet another vivid experience that leaves me hot under the collar, not to mention other places. A feast of images that just keeps soaring.

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