Ravi Kopra Ekphrastic Poems

The moment of meeting
The bride in waiting
Beautifully dressed
Aware, alert

Chagall Loves Bella, His Teenage Wife, An Ekphrastic Poem

Love comes flying in
Our feet defy gravity
We are lifted up, up
And up we fly in the sky

Arranged Marriages, An Ekphrastic Poem

O damn the conventional
Parents'arranged marriages!
I don't want to see his
Face. Nor does he mine

Baby Adam Coming To Life. An Ekphrastic Poem

God created the heaven and the earth
and created the baby Adam
out of the clay of volcanic ashes
with all elements in it

Proposal, A Ekphrastic Poem In Hindi/Urdu

main chaahti hoon tumain
aur chaati bhi nahin
kaisay kahoon tumain
tum mere sapnoN main aatay ho

She Is Standing There Naked, An Ekphrastic Poem

She is standing there naked
by the edge of the mantle
wearing a light skirt
that folds over her thighs.

Us ne mujhe bulaya chameli k chotray pe
intazaar vo meri kar raha tha
laita hua ek bistray pe
jis pe chaadraiN paDi theen

Two Parrots In Love, An Ekphrastic Poem

I love you, my yellow rose
Here is my kiss for you
Let me kiss your pinky beaky
My heart throbs when I look at you

An Ekphrastic Poem, She Sees Rainbows Only

Losing three babies in a row
even before they were born
dashing all hopes of motherhood
putting aside the new crib

Go To Your Women, Not Whores An Ekphrastic Poem

Looking like devils from hell
who are they -
veiled from head to toes,
with open slits for eyes to see