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Sin: O(

Heart filled with sorrows.
Eyes filled with tears;
I am trying to come near.
To stand in front of you.

'Broken Heart'

Mother Of Mine

Her love for me is deep;
and she always forgets to sleep
Her cooking is so wonderfull;
and she fed me stomach full

My Prince

He is out of my sight,
He is out of my reach
The wind blew down my sand house built in the beach;
How will i tell him that i am waiting for him.

Beautiful Angel

The sun was shining bright and my eyes were refusing to see the light,
I opened my eyes like an half opened nut shell,
As i walked i tripped an fell,
Then i opened my eyes as wide as a sea,

'I Can Never Find Another You'

Walking down the streams;
My mind was filled with your dreams.
Your sweet smile will make me come up,
Your strong hands will make me give up,

*christmas Miracle*

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way;
poor children are gazing at the stars as they walk their way.

Christ is all about love and care,

Your My Love

You took care of me for your heart was so tender
You wiped my tears and gave your broad shoulder
We laughed together and fought with each other
All the dark days of my life vanished,


I stood speechless in front of you.
There was so much to say, so much to do
But i just stood speechless in front of you.
Though you sat in front of me, i still kept dreaming about you,

True Lover

My heart will allways sing of your love,
And remain pure as a dove.
My love will never fade away,
As i decided to walk in your way

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