Speechless Poem by elsee daniel


Rating: 5.0

I stood speechless in front of you.
There was so much to say, so much to do
But i just stood speechless in front of you.
Though you sat in front of me, i still kept dreaming about you,
And i just stood speechless in front of you.
I wanted to remind you about the days spent together,
And the songs which impressed each other.
But i just stood speechless in front of you.
When you were about to start;
There was a blast in my heart.
Not knowing how to stop you;
My lips said good bye to you.

Nikunj Sharma 17 November 2009

nicely written, capturing feelings in your sweet words..........good poem

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam 17 November 2009

The immersion of the individual self in love is very well portrayed.

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Obinna Eruchie 17 November 2009

You were so caught in the feeling not to say anything for your lips were bound by its force. Nice words!

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Tobias Gray 17 November 2009

very beautiful! 10+!

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Joseph Poewhit 17 November 2009

Sometimes we just get caught up.

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Akham Nilabirdhwaja Singh 18 February 2016

A impressive write, love it.

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The Lost.. 25 November 2009

more than wonderful.. i think all lovers stand speechless infront of the one they love...anyways well done and thnx for sharing :)

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Chitra - 20 November 2009

speechless...emotional journey a 10+

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Mohammed Hassan 18 November 2009

I like this one sweet words and sweet thoughts keep it up i give you 10

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a wonderful piece.... good decision at the end.

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