Sin: O( Poem by elsee daniel

Sin: O(

Rating: 5.0

Heart filled with sorrows.
Eyes filled with tears;
I am trying to come near.
To stand in front of you.
And tell you my wishes are few;
I stand last in the row.
And then realized the devil is waiting to throw;
Hot blazing fire, horrible creatures.
Now I regret for not listening to any of my preachers.
Save me Lord!

Eyan Desir 04 November 2009

hahaha this poem was so funny... but you wrote this very well thank you for the invite..10s

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Joseph Poewhit 05 November 2009

One needs the armour of GOD in this life.

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Mohammed Hassan 05 November 2009

perfect poem my dear Eslee about forgiveness from the god nicely written and perfect thought you have my rate 10+++

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Allan O 05 November 2009

short but to the point and well matter the sin god can forgive...thank you elsee :)

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Lindo Mvelase 05 November 2009

this is a good and a soulful poem and you know if our conscience conderm us we have no cnfidence before the Lord and the devil will advantage of that but if we confess we are confident to ask anything to God, a good poem indeed......can you plz read my poem 'THE FACT ABOUT LIFE' for me. thank you

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Akham Nilabirdhwaja Singh 18 February 2016

A nice write.Love to read time and again.

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Chitra - 08 November 2009

sin and acceptance of the same is another route to divine realization well done!

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Sivashanmugam Shanmugam 06 November 2009

you are selected every words with very careful..nice

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Nivrutti Avhad 06 November 2009

fantastic poem indeed nice to read

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 06 November 2009

this regret all of us seem to have...a different kind of poem on sin

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