'Broken Heart' Poem by elsee daniel

'Broken Heart'

Rating: 4.6

I waited for years to make him mine;
I nurtured him with my love and raised him to shine.
I saw him with another girl sitting to dine.
I wished him all the best and felt everything should be good and fine.

Eyan Desir 22 September 2009

awww, love love break my heart everytime

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John Knight 22 September 2009

Hi Elsee - You are lovely. You cover so much heartach in one short verse - brevity and emotion that is the essence of all POESIE D'AMOUR. Us men are so heartless at times - in the view of all the love our ladies give us. The acts of LOVE speak for themselves in the poem. 'Waited for years' 'To make him mine' 'Nurtured him with my love' (that is anelegant line) 'Raised him to shine' (awesome - our ladies do lift us up and polish us! ') then the betrayal 'Saw him with another Girl' - the bottom line in so many love poems - why oh why do we do it? . The title indicates your HEART IS BROKEN the last line indicates YOUR LOVING & FORGIVING SPIRIT is still intact. 'Wished him all the best and felt everything should be good and fine' - Beautiful! Men can break your Heart - Angel - don't ever let them break you lovely Spirit. I have scored it MAX - its so so lovely! Love in poetry - JOHN.

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Ency Bearis 22 September 2009

I can feel the sentiments...nice poem....10

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cool poem I like it..... :)

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Mubeen Sadhika 22 September 2009

Lovely four lines. Nice words. good to read.

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The Lost.. 06 November 2009

too short but touching and well written :) .waiting for your comments too :) .thanks.

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Rafique Farooqi 05 November 2009

Short anbd beatiful poem i like your style

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 01 October 2009

a great attitude...must hurt the girl inside....

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Brenda Arroyo 29 September 2009

Your strength is beautiful.

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Manjula Arumuga Nainar 25 September 2009

hi da, nice dear............. forgiveness is a great love.......dear

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