Friedrich Rückert Poems

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My dearest stands before me in my thoughts,
how pretty, oh how fair!
so that my senses are dazed, unhinged;
how pretty, how fair!

As Truly As The Sun Shines

As truly as the sun shines,
as truly as the clouds weep,
as truly as the flames spark,
as truly as Spring blooms,

To The Stars

Stars in the distant heavens!
You who with rays from a better world
brighten the dimness of earth,
are not spiritual eyes looking

Now I See Well Why With Such Dark Flames

Now I see well why with such dark flames
your eyes sparkled so often.
O eyes!
It was as if in one full glance

Songs Of The Death Of Children

You must not shut the night inside you,
But endlessly in light the dark immerse.
A tiny lamp has gone out in my tent -
I bless the flame that warms the universe.

Heaven Has Shed A Tear

Heaven has shed a tear
that meant to lose itself in the sea;
but the mussel came and locked it in:
you shall now be my pearl.


In paradise there must flow
A river of eternal love!
And every tear of longing
Must be a pearl within it.

In This Weather, In This Windy Storm

In this weather, in this windy storm,
I would never have sent the children out;
They were carried outside -
I could say nothing about it!

Now The Sun Will Rise As Brightly

Now the sun will rise as brightly
as if no misfortune had occurred in the night.
The misfortune has fallen on me alone.
The sun - it shines for everyone.

Often I Think That They Have Only Stepped Out

Often I think that they have only stepped out -
and that soon they will reach home again!
The day is fair - O don't be afraid!
They are only taking a long walk.

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