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I Wish

Rating: 5.0

I wish I wish upon our kiss, that many more will fall upon my lips.
I wish I wish when you gaze into my eyes, that I get lost in yours.
I wish I wish that we hold onto each other until our life expires.
I wish I wish, that your love was as real as mine.
I wish I wish, that wishes could come true.
Now smile upon me, as you watch me die inside.

Thursday, September 4, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: sad love
Kay Staley 14 September 2015

I did not see how this poem was any different than the many cliche stories of love already floating out there. I am glad that so many people seemed to be touched by it though. My favorite part was where it said Don't cry, pray. If we could only remember that.

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Hazel Durham 21 August 2015

Superb write Gary so heartfelt and with great rhythm and flow!

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* Sunprincess * 17 February 2015

.....wow a beautiful piece....loved it ?

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Noreen Carden 22 September 2014

Gary another excellent poem really well written you draw the reader in and leave us wondering about the story behind your words

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Sarah Shahzad 12 December 2019

realy fantastic piece of writing.. love this..! ! pleez do comment/ review/ write your thoughts on my poems & please also check my site too.. poemtheart :) thank you..

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Kumarmani Mahakul 22 August 2018

An emotional and insightful depiction has been made on love so touchingly and incisively. Beautiful poem shared amazingly.10

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Chinedu Dike 12 March 2018

Passionate rendition, well articulated and elegantly brought forth from inner recesses of the heart with conviction. Very heartfelt poem with strong emotions. An insightful depiction of the whimsical and temperamental nature of love. Thanks for sharing Gary.

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Kelly Iyogun 27 April 2017

Beautiful poem, Tremendously written

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Jr Cuyam 13 December 2016

I wish that your love was as real as mine

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