Hira Akhtar Poems

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I Feel Alone

When morning wears crown,
with white light of early dawn
When the sun goes down,
and day removes its gown

I Still Remember Seeing Through The Window

I still remember that ghastly night
When a sudden shriek woke me up
With a fear eating me up inside
I ran towards her door

One Beautiful Night

Night travelling to reach the day
Riding in the chariot
Moon playing hide and seek
Peeping through clouds

Good Habits

Get up early in the morning
For being fit and healthy its a warning

Saying all the prayers is the way

My Doll

I have a charming little doll
its name is Rose to call

She has curly brown hair

Tomorrow [determination To Get Success]

Tomorrow may be or may not be

Tomorrow may be tough
life's panorama goes rough

O Muslims! One Day You Will Die

Days are passing by and by
O Muslims! One day you'll die

Never forget you are mortal
So try to make your life ideal

Teenage Love Story

A young handsome boy, his youth in full bloom
saw a pretty young girl, a fine dream, came true

The day was so long while he toiled and dreamed

A Caravan Of Thoughts (Part 1)

Vanquished by a storm of thoughts, so blustery
Struggling to unravel a mystery

A mystery, those could only solve

I Miss You Mom

I miss you mom whenever I am
at school or at my homework see

I miss your hugs and kisses

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