Teenage Love Story Poem by Hira Akhtar

Teenage Love Story

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A young handsome boy, his youth in full bloom
saw a pretty young girl, a fine dream, came true

The day was so long while he toiled and dreamed
losing in her beauty, such a fantasy to live

But each day she passed by she was cloaked by a veil
an adorable princess, a sweet fairy tale

Into her soft eyes he longed just to stare
with a lust for untying her long, silken hair

One night finding her image in moon
decided to tell his fervency, to her, soon

Then he went to the land of dreams
there on all sides, flow the fascinating love streams

He awaited for her, the next day long
and the tree flagged where his hopes swung

Years passed, she not ever came
but left, in his heart, an everlasting flame

Thursday, April 24, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Teenage love is seldom successful or its not mature enough.....depends on luck
give your remarks please
Hira Akhtar 18 April 2017

hahaha! No never 😂 @Sam Sam

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Sam Sam 18 April 2017


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Sam Sam 18 April 2017

Well the lines were so deep! I definitely fell for it...You are an adorable writer but it seems you have not written for a long time....I would love to look forward if you are interesting any more in this writing stuff :)

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Akhtar Jawad 28 April 2014

Elliot and Merrill, the great sociologists, have written a paper on this topic. Search their names at Wikipedia and read it. They have concluded that romance cannot be the basis of a successful marriage. Even if a romantic marriage is successful it is because the couple changed their romantic love in to conjugal affection. Romance dies a little time after marriage and those who search it in their conjugal life commit a blunder. The sociologists say in case of the couple committing this blunder, Romantic marriages will continue to end in romantic divorces. This nice poem reveals that you think. That is very very positive. Its your thinking that has made you the super most creature.

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Free Bird 02 May 2014

Once again... a new beautiful poem...yeh u are right about teenage love..... Want more fresh poems from you..

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 29 May 2018

such dreams happen very often when the lovers desires are out in the open her face veiled the moon or not nor the sun could unveil dreams came to go away when i had a similar dream she showed her face i was dumbfounded such a beauty the moon fell shy and hid behind a cloud the gal also vanished in the crowd hit my guts so very loud I felt ashamed and feel till today was i for that moment insensibily lame the DREAM NEVER CAME AGAIN..All such imagery is alas in vain

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Naila Rais 02 May 2018

A nice write. Keep it up... I would like you read my poem In the mid of the night depression you are killing me.. Naila

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Khairul Ahsan 10 May 2017

I appreciate the Poet's Notes. Well thought out. Love- physical, mental and spiritual along with respect for the spouse constitute a successful marriage. Intellectual compatibility is also a requisite.

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Jazib Kamalvi 18 April 2017

A pure poetic thought. You may like to read my poem (Love and Lust) . Thanks

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Hira Akhtar 18 April 2017

Yeah! Inshaa Allah...I will be back 😊

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