O Muslims! One Day You Will Die Poem by Hira Akhtar

O Muslims! One Day You Will Die

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Days are passing by and by
O Muslims! One day you'll die

Never forget you are mortal
So try to make your life ideal

The call of grave is coming near and near
O Man! Bring the light of good deeds there'll be fear

Always remember the day of judgement
When in your anguish, will be no decrement

And then you will cry and cry
O Muslims! One day you will die

Shun away the rebellion of Allah's orders
Otherwise Almighty will revenge you O rulers!

For his creation he is very just and bountiful
Then O Believers! Recognize Him and be graceful

Days are passing by and by
O Muslims! One day you'll die
O Muslims! One day you'll die

I have fear of God......And I believe if I am something then just because of the love and blessings of Allah Almighty......And also i have written for those who have gone astray and have forgotten the day of judgement...Thank you so much
Aftab Alam Khursheed 14 April 2013

Hira well writ a nice message to them, Duniyaa ba raahe deen deen siratal mustaqeem our ways and behaviour must be as per the Islam..but see in afgan women is not allowed to acquire the education, innocent is killed, by the sect belief in pakistan attack was there on mosque What I assume in fact they are not Muslim but a mercenaries to damage the Islam / Islam it self strive for peace but how can a muslim? Terrorist can not be muslim though they say they are the best muslim I say they are the worst A destroyer in veil | Delete this message

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Thomas Vaughan Jones 21 January 2014

Salaam Hira. This is a profound and meaningful poem which is applicable to us all. Our prophets and wise men tell us that there is but one God. Alas, the world in general has chosen to give him different names, and these names have largely been radicalised. We are all mere mortals and in time we all go to meet our Maker. We will probably see each other in the same queue. Peace brother.

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Bright Morn 15 April 2013

Well written Hira, thanks 4 sharing

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Xelam Kan™ 17 April 2013

nice one, simple and didactic...... god is not a sort of thing to be afraid of dear...... love god and u will be blessed......the best way of god`s love is to respect humanity.....

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Bri Edwards 21 August 2013

Hira, do you mean graceful or grateful? : grace·ful /'grasf?l/ Adjective Having or showing grace or elegance. Synonyms elegant - charming grate·ful /'gratf?l/ Adjective Feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful. Synonyms thankful - appreciative - beholden i don't know that i understand the following (i had to look up the definition of decrement, as i don't think i ever heard the word!) : Always remember the day of judgement When in your anguish, will be no decrement i am not religious, but i think religion is probably good for you, , hira, and i don't think it will cause you to harm anyone. in the united states we hear a lot about one group of muslims fighting another group of muslims, even though we hear, sometimes, that violence is not part of the religious teachings of Muslims. of course i could say the same thing about christians i guess! too bad, isn't it? thanks for sharing. bri

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Jagdish Singh Ramána 26 June 2019

Wonderful poem dear poetess! A good message as a poetic letter of god to the man written by His poet. Fine and just lyrics! melodious! Not only one particular community but also all human beings.

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Jazib Kamalvi 20 April 2017

You are the star poetess of the creed. Thanks

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Akhtar Jawad 01 May 2014

My Dear Daughter, Do you know Muslims are not one about the orders of Almighty Allah. Ayub Khan asked the learned men of Islam to give a Shariat on which they are one. He also said if you give it to me I shall immediately pass an ordinance and enforce it as a Law for Pakistan. The learned men of Islam could not do that. Every Mulim sect believes that he is a Muslim whereas others are not. If anyone is interested I shall provide evidence of this allegation from his own book. Holy Prophet(pbuh) once said a time will come when there wil be no Jamaat.One of his companions asked what we should do at that time. The Prophet (pbuh) replied keep yourself good. Now that time has come. The Jamaat is no more. Your desire that Laws of Almighty Allah should be followed is nice.

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Md Elias Uddin 06 February 2014

Shun away the rebellion of Allah's orders Otherwise Almighty will revenge you O rulers! Right!

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Hira Akhtar 22 January 2014

waslaaam sir, its really feeling great listening salam from you :) thanks a lot for your bright comment you said very right tht we are mere mortals... Thanks once again.. :) keep suggesting me something or the other please, i have thirst of getting knowledge

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