Good Habits Poem by Hira Akhtar

Good Habits

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Get up early in the morning
For being fit and healthy its a warning

Saying all the prayers is the way
To get mental and spirtual refreshment all the day

Clean your hands and clean your mouth
Germs'll be killed there is no doubt

Eat healthy and eat slowly
Stomache'll never get out of order, can say it surely

Study at study time and play at play time
This will make your future shine

Never be loud and obey your elders
Will get success in life this service who renders

Love your youngers and give them care
Otherwise from you they will scare

Keeping the company of good people
Will make your personality graceful

Say 'Good night' and go to bed early
So that you may get up to recite Quran Holy

I want to give this message to children........
Yasmin Khan 01 May 2013

It expresses your mature thoughts at immature age but wisdom is nothing to do with age, well-done Hira the last verse is great.

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Usman Arshad 29 December 2013

Also mom instructions on morning walk

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Bri Edwards 20 August 2013

Stomache'll never get out of order, can say it surely..... Stomach'll...... you have some good ideas for leading a good life. proofread (maybe more than once) to avoid silly mistakes like: gget and copmany //////////////get///////company. :)

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Usman Arshad 29 December 2013

Apply good habbits on yourself like early to rise and always keep smiling

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Qurat ul Ain Khan. 14 September 2021

What is the figure of speech in this poem?

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Jafia 23 May 2018

Something more is required but still good

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Anmol Kumar 30 January 2016


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Hira Akhtar 03 April 2014

thanks sir for being kind :)

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Akhtar Jawad 01 April 2014

A good poem, capable of inclusion in primary school syllabus.

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