Love And Lust Poem by Jazib Kamalvi

Love And Lust

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Love and lust are poles apart.

Lust is chaos, love is art.

Love infinite, lust is finite.

Love is sustained, lust is short.

Love is spiritual, lust is physical.

Love is ideal, lust is sensual.

Love is selfless, lust is selfish

Love immortal, lust is mortal.

Love is productive, lust is destructive.

Love is optional, lust is impulsive.

Love is energetic, lust is crazy.

Love is humanist, lust instinctive.

Lust is rabid dog, love is padagog.

Love demands inner beauty, lust demands appearance.

Lust starts from black holes of eyes, love from conscientious part of heart.

Love develops in brain, lust develops in gonads.

Lust stays on surface of the words, but love in depths of unconscious.

Love is rationally emotional, lust is emotionally rational.

Love is Allopath, lust is Psychopath.

Love is Homoeopath, lust is Sociopath.

Love kisses, lust disses.

Love honours, lust ravishes.

Love insight, lust is blind.

Lust devours, Love nourishes.

Love replays, lust betrays.

Love impresses, lust oppresses.

Love centralizes, lust strays.

Love expresses, lust depresses.

Love is healthy, lust is lame.

Lust is gambling, love is game.

Love is Platonic, lust is Bubonic.

Lust is shameless, love is shame.

Lust is volcano, love is rain.

Love is Abel, lust is Cain.

Prophets weep, Demons laugh.

Love is fruitful, lust is vain.

Love is need, lust is greed.

Lust is maniac, love is sane.

Lust is a beast, love is dove.

Lust is hatred, love is love

Lust is passion, love compassion.

Lust is beneath, love above.

Love is even climb, it is never lost.

Lust is a decline, it is ever lost.

Love is always true to the core but lust is hyperbole.

Love provides endless satisfaction, lust ends at opposite pole.

Love is the base of this universe,

Lust is baseless in itself.

My subject is my subject.

Such enveloping my subject.

Such as God to His universe.

Such as Devil to this universe.

Love is a sincerity and responsibility.

Lust is insincerity, irresponsibility.

Confirmation test is just,

sacrifice or obedience.

Both or only one is must.

Lust is aimless without love.

Love is aimful without lust.

My subject is thy subject.

My subject is love and lust.

I can tell you one secret.

Love and lust are poles apart.

But make union only when.

Lust is second, love is first.

Just, ask a victim of lust.

Love And Lust
All the cases of blackmailing, abuse, rape, incest, seduction, divorce and sexual slavery are the instances of the domination of lust.
Adaobi Chiemelu 26 February 2018

quite long but totally worth it. brave words

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Jazib Kamalvi 22 April 2018

Dear Adaobi! Thanks for time to read and comment.

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William Onduto 11 December 2019

...I just like the flow, rhythm...and the message, what a piece...will try to translate it to Swahili if you don't mind.

8 1 Reply
Jazib Kamalvi 12 December 2019

Thank you so much for your nice words. I will be grateful if you translate. Thanks again.

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Asha Kumari 30 June 2020

Very nice poem. Very well explained difference between love and..

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Panda Broussard 23 September 2022

So good! One that came to mind, Love is truth, Lust is lies.

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Sorry for the late reply it Insightful I must say you have good flow of logic but he's got quite repetitive how long it is but overall excellent work

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Hsay Lasar 03 June 2022

What is the theme of this poem?

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Maria Mitea 22 May 2022

Nice work, J!

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Roderick Narrido 24 March 2022

Nice... very profound...

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