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#227 Stand And Stare

On auto drive I climb spiral stairs,
Grasping the guardrail as I go.
Through small windows I see the glares
Of the boat’s fading glow.

#345 The Corner Store

I've walked down this busy street before,
All these cars and shops, I've seen.
Just up ahead there's a corner store,
Wherein there dwells a queen.

#284 Cupcakes And Brownies

For a time I thought the world was kind,
I thought I’d do my time with ease.
An optimistic view left the past behind,
Like a swift wind through the trees.

#320 The Girl With A Skeleton Key

Dear world,

Hello there! It’s me again.
It seems it’s been too long.

#331 A Peculiar Place

This world is a peculiar place,
I’m peculiar but don’t belong.
It’s too crowded with too much space,
All is right but all is wrong.

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Zoila T. Flores 11 July 2014

well[ enough is enough, nice poem

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I was born in Phoenix Arizona. I had a wonderful childhood. Life for me would be easy, despite what others would say. I would live and be happy. I would love and be admired. Then suddenly one day everything changed. My idealistic life and sweet dreams vanished.

I began writing when my grandpa suddenly died of a heart attack in 1997. I was twelv ...

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